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Who am I?

I am a German professor with an M.A. and Ph.D. in German Language and Literature and 20 years of teaching experience. Besides German, I have also taught English as a Foreign Language and have over the years been a student of Latin, French, Spanish, Polish, and Farsi. As a student, I was fortunate to have studied abroad 5 times. The Vistawide website is a product of my lifelong love of languages and my experience as a language learner and a language teacher and a researcher.

Why a website?

Knowledge of foreign languages is sadly undervalued in the English-speaking world. Language teachers are constantly having to convince others – whether students and their parents, teachers of other subjects, school administrators, or state legislators – of the value of learning other languages. Yet the advantages and benefits just seem so obvious, as do the many deficits and detriments that can arise from not knowing languages. As the fates and actions of nations become ever more intertwined, so too does the need for effective intercultural communication and understanding. The world we live in today makes a knowledge of other languages and cultures is more paramount than ever – not to mention all of the personal and professional benefits that learning a language can bring.

I started the Vistawide website to disseminate information about the importance of language and cultural education in the 21st century. My goal is to support, promote and facilitate the learning of languages and the development of cultural competence, to share useful information and ideas with language lovers and to assist those seeking to use languages in their personal and professional lives.

Copyright information

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Privacy policy

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