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World Languages

The Languages of the World, by Kenneth Katzner, 400p. (2002)
Written with the non-specialist in mind, this third edition of Kenneth Katzner's best-selling guide's attractive style and layout, delightful original passages and exotic scripts will continue to fascinate all language scholars and linguists. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to include more languages, more countries and current data on populations. This indispensable resource contains information on nearly 600 languages-individual descriptions of 200 languages with sample passages and English translations; concise notes on where each language is spoken and its history, alphabet and pronunciation; coverage of every country in the world and its main language and speaker numbers; English borrowings from other languages; an introduction to language families. This will be your passport to the speech of the world.

The World's Major Languages by Bernard Comrie, 1040 p. (1990)
The Power of Babel : A Natural History of Language, by John McWhorter, 352 p. (2003)
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language, by David Crystal, 488 p. (1997)
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages, by Roger D. Woodward, 1182 p. (2004)
The Origin of Language: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue, by Merritt Ruhlen, 239 p. (1996)
Dictionary of Languages: The Definitive Reference to More Than 400 Languages, by Andrew Dalby, 734 p.(1999)
The Atlas of Languages: The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World, by Bernhard Comrie, Stephan Matthews, Maria Polinsky, 224 p. (2003)
Facts About the World's Languages: An Encyclopedia of the World's Major Languages, Past and Present, by Jane Garry, Carl Rubino, et al., 896 p. (2001)
The American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots, by Calvert Watkins, 192 p. (2000)

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Careers for Foreign Language Learners

The Global Citizen: A Guide to Creating an International Life and Career, by Elizabeth Kruempelmann, 384p. (2002)
If your dreams of career success include jobs in Prague or Munich, if you want to learn Mandarin while living in China, or if your travel plans always require a passport, then The Global Citizen is for you. Written by's former international career mentor, Elizabeth Kruempelmann, The Global Citizen is an international life and career planner that walks you through the ins and outs of working, studying, volunteering, or living in a foreign country. Thought-provoking assessments will get you started on your global path, the interactive planner will keep you on track, and extensive resources will widen your possibilities. With tips for researching and funding your adventure, secrets to adjusting to life abroad, and hints for making the most of your experiences when (or if!) you return, The Global Citizen presents a new approach to life planning no citizen of the world should be without.
Opportunities in Foreign Language Careers, by Wilga Rivers, 160p. (1999)
Careers in Foreign Languages, by Blythe Camenson, 256p. (2001)
Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors, by Julie DeGalan, 272 p. (2000)
Careers for Foreign Language Aficionados & Other Multilingual Types, Second Edition, by H. Ned Seelye, J. Laurence Day, 192p. (2001)
Work Abroad: The Complete Guide to Finding a Job Overseas, by Clayton A. Hubbs, ed., 4th ed. (2002)
Summer Jobs Abroad 2007, by David Woodworth, Victoria Pybus, eds., 318 p.(2007)
International Job Finder: Where the Jobs Are Worldwide, by Daniel Lauber, 348 p. (2002)
International Jobs: Where They Are and How to Get Them, Sixth Edition, by Nina Segal, Eric Kocher, 336 p. (2003)
Work Worldwide: International Career Strategies for the Adventurous Job Seeker, by Nancy Mueller, 230p. (2000)
Directory of Jobs & Careers Abroad, 10th ed., by Elisabeth Roberts, 415p. (2000)
Live & Work Abroad : A Guide for Modern Nomads, by Huw Francis, Michelyne Callan, 256p. (2001)
The MLA Guide to the Job Search: A Handbook for Departments and for PhDs and PhD Candidates in English and Foreign Languages, by English Showalter, Howard Figler, et. al, 156p. (1996)

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World Languages - Careers - Culture - Culture & Business - Language Learning - Translation
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Culture & Cultural Differences

Understanding Cultural Differences: Germans, French, and Americans, by Edward Twitchell Hall, Mildred Reed Hall. 208 p. (1990)
Beyond Culture, by Edward T. Hall. 320 p. (1977)
Exploring Culture: Exercises, Stories, and Synthetic Cultures, Gert Jan Hofstede, Paul B. Pedersen, 234 p. (2002)
American Cultural Patterns: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, by Edward C. Stewart, Milton J. Bennett. 208 p. (1991)
Developing Intercultural Awareness: A Cross-Cultural Training Handbook, by L. Robert Kohls, John M. Knight. 158 p. (1994)
The Art of Crossing Cultures, by Craig Storti. 169 p. (2001)
Handbook of Intercultural Training, by Daniel Landis, Janet Bennett, Milton Bennett. 528 p. (2003)
Cultures and Organizations, Software of the Mind: Intercultural Cooperation and its Importance for Survival, by Geert Hofstede. 279 p. (1996)
World Languages - Careers - Culture - Culture & Business - Language Learning - Translation
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Culture & Business

Managing Cultural Differences: Leadership Strategies for a New World of Business, by Phillip R. Harris, Robert T. Moran. 474 p. (2000)
When Cultures Collide, by Richard D. Lewis, 500 p. (2000)
Cultures Consequences: International Differences in Work-Related Values, by Geert Hofstede. 616 p. (2003)
Riding The Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business, by Charles Hampden-Turner, Fons Trumpenaars, 416 p. (1997)
Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: How to Do Business in Sixty Countries, by Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway, George A. Borden, 440 p. (1995)
Doing Business Internationally: The Guide To Cross-Cultural Success, 2nd ed., by Danielle Median Walker, Thomas Walker, 288 p. (2002)
The Cultural Dimension of International Business, 4th ed., by Gary P. Ferraro, 214 p. (2001)
World Languages - Careers - Culture - Culture & Business - Language Learning - Translation
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Language Learning

How to learn a language
Why You Need a Foreign Language & How to Learn One, by Edward Trimnell, 2nd ed., 235 p. (2005)[READ REVIEW]
How to Learn Any Language: Quickly, Easily, Inexpensively, Enjoyably and on Your Own, by Barry M. Farber, 172 p. (1991)
How to Learn Any Language, by Barry M. Farber, 192 p. (2002)
How to Be a More Successful Language Learner, by Joan Rubin, Irene Thompson, 128 p. (1994)
Strategy and Skill in Learning a Foreign Language, by Steven H. McDonough, 160 p. (1995)
Learning Vocabulary in Another Language, by I. S. P. Nation, 492 p. (2001)
How to Learn a Foreign Language, by Arthur H. Charles, Jr. 112 p. (1994)
Secrets of Learning a Foreign Language, by Graham Fuller (2001). Audio CD.

See our learning resources for specific languages: books, audio CD courses, & language software and our tips on Choosing a bilingual dictionary.

Learning multiple languages

Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book: Survival Skills for Over 40 Languages, by Eric R. Dondero, 248 p. (2002)
Instant Immersion 33 Languages, CD-ROM. (2003)
Multi-Language WordAce!, CD-ROM, by Transparent Language. (2004)

Also see our Tips for learning a foreign language & Language resources pages.
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Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies, by Mona Baker (ed.), 680 p. (2001)
Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications, by Jeremy Munday, 224 p. (2001)
Practical Guide for Translators, by Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown, 187 p. (2004)
Translation and Globalization, by Michael Cronin, 224 p. (2003)
Becoming a Translator: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation, by Douglas Robinson, 320 p. (2003)
After Babel: Aspects of Language and Translation, by George Steiner, 538 p. (1998)
Literary Translation: A Practical Guide, by Clifford E. Landers, 230 p. (2001)
In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation, by Mona Baker, 320 p. (1992)
The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation, by Lawrence Venuti, 353 p. (1995)

ECTACO Multilanguage Partner EE586HT,  hand-held electronic talking translator
Bidirectional bilingual dictionaries between English and 5 languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Contains a vocabular of 1 million words with English speech synthesis. Personal organizer, spell checker, and many other features.
ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard TL-4, hand-held electronic talking translator.
Sophisticated device designed for the US Army, this device translates more than 4000 phrases with audio pronunciation into 7 different languages: German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French and English. Features include English speech recognition, voice navigation, and word and phrase search functions.
Franklin TG-450 12 Language European Translator, electronic translator.
Franklin CET-180 Speaking 5 Language European Communicator, electronic translator. (2003)
Franklin TWE-118 5 Language European Translator, electronic translator. (2003)

More Electronic dictionaries & translators & talking translators

Easy Translator Deluxe 4, CD-ROM by Transparent Language, translates 6 languages to and from English (2002)
Translate Magellan Pro, CD-ROM, 13 languages, by LEC. (2004)
Translate Magellan Business, CD-ROM, 13 languages, by LEC. (2004)
Translate Euro, CD-ROM, translation between English & 8 other languages, by LEC. (2004)
Translate Euro Pro, CD-ROM, 9 languages, by LEC. (2004)

More language learning software for 45 languages

World Languages - Careers - Culture - Culture & Business - Language Learning - Translation
Children & Languages - Study Abroad - Books for specific languages - Electronic translators ]

Children & Languages

Growing Up With Two Languages: A Practical Guide, by Una Cunningham-Andersson, Staffan Andersson, 159 p. (2004)
Help Your Child With a Foreign Language (Berlitz Kids), by Opal Dunn, 215 p. (1988)
Raising Multilingual Children: Foreign Language Acquisition and Children, by Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, 240 p. (2000)
Raising Bilingual Children: Parent's Guide Series, by Carey Myles, 234 p. (2003)
The Bilingual Family : A Handbook for Parents, by Edith Harding-Esch, Philip Riley, 206 p. (2003)
Language Strategies for Bilingual Families: The One-Parent-One-Language Approach (Parents' and Teachers' Guides, No. 7), by Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert, 220 p. (2004)
A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism (Parents' and Teachers' Guides, 1), by Colin Baker, 218 p. (2000)
Bilingual Baby Series, VHS for 12 different languages.
KidSpeak 6-in-1 CD-ROM. (2002)
World Languages - Careers - Culture - Culture & Business - Language Learning - Translation
Children & Languages - Study Abroad - Books for specific languages - Electronic translators ]

Study Abroad

Study Abroad 101, by Wendy Williamson, 164 p. (2004)
This book answers 101 useful questions frequently asked by study abroad students, such as: Where should I go? How much will it cost? How will it fit in with my major? How should I choose a program? What should I pack? How much money should I budget for the trip? What if my language skills are not very well-developed? What should I do when I return home?, and many other useful topics.
Study Abroad: How to Get the Most Out of Your Experience, by Michele-Marie Dowel, Kelly P. Mirsky, 208 p. (2002)
This book trains the student abroad how to go from being an outsider looking in to truly experiencing and engaging with the foreign culture of the host country. The self-directed workbook format helps students personalize their experiences before, during, and after their trip. Exercises encourage critical reflection and motivate students to take charge of shaping their experiences abroad. The five covered target areas are personal development, learning about one's own culture, learning about another culture, professional development, and learning another language.
The Insider's Guide to Study Abroad, by Ann M. Moore, 331 p. (2000)
Written by a study abroad advisor, this book covers every subject from preparing to go abroad, to being there, to the return home.
Getting the Most from Study Abroad (Students Helping Students), by Michael Gallant, Natavi Guides, 80 p. (2002)
Peterson's Study Abroad 2007, by Thomson Peterson's 640 p.
Information on 1900 year-long study abroad programs, organized alphabetically by country of study. Practical advice and program information re: program dates, costs, requirements, and more.
Peterson's Short-Term Study Abroad Programs 2007, by Thomson Peterson's, 800 p.
Academic Year Abroad (IIE Passport): The Most Complete Guide to Planning Academic Year Study Abroad, by Marie O'Sullivan. (2005).
Now in its 55th edition, this directory covers over 3100 semester and year-long study abroad programs sponsored by U.S. and foreign universities and organizations. Each entry includes information on program requirements, how to apply, program offerings, costs, housing, and more.
Short-Term Study Abroad (IIE Passport): The Most Complete Guide to Summer and Short-Term Study Abroad, by Marie O'Sullivan. (2005)
Free Money for Foreign Study: A Guide to More Than 1,000 Grants and Scholarships for Study Abroad, by Laurie Blum, 262 p., (1992)

Also see our pages on Study abroad and Grants and scholarships for study abroad.

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