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Realities of Foreign
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Enhanced Occupational
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Careers for foreign language majors

Some possible fields of employment - Information about language careers - Recommended books

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work you go….

Some possible fields of employment

The following list provides examples of career titles and fields that language majors may wish to contemplate. This is only a sampling and does not represent all careers you might consider. Some occupations may require education beyond a bachelor's degree and/or may require experience/education in another field. In each of these fields, your language major will give you an edge in a competitive job market:

Business Executives Stenography Banking and Finance
International Management
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Personnel Manager Import/Export Fashion Industry
Receptionist Sales Automobile Industry
Secretary International Law Public Relations

International Operator Translator Publishing
Becoming a Freelance Foreign Correspondent
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Foreign Correspondent Interpreter Advertising
Journalist Editor Telecommunications
Photographer Customer Service Film and Entertainment

Teacher (K-12) Study Abroad Coordinator Textbook Author/Editor
Teaching English Overseas
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University/College Professor Tutor Missionary Work
Overseas Teacher for Foreign Corporations & Diplomats Teacher for Commercial Language Schools ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher

Government Services:
Peace Corps Immigration and Customs Aid Agencies

Careers in

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Diplomatic Corps INS Armed Forces
Court Interpreter Federal Agencies United Nations
Intelligence (CIA, FBI, National Security) Overseas Dependents' Schools Social Work

Humanities & Arts:
Historian Art Historian Theater
Make a Living as a Travel Writer
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Travel Writer Critic / Reviewer Philosophy
Author Actor / Actress Theology
Vocalist / Singer Linguist Area Studies

Technical Translator Engineering Anthropologist
Becoming a Translator
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Researcher Medicine Archeologist
Lab Technician Museum Studies Archivist
Field Researcher Library & Information Science  

Software Designer or Tester Technical Support Specialist Web Developer
Careers in IT
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Applications Trainer Web Community Manager Software Consultant
Technical Writer Web Localization Specialist Software Localization Specialist

Travel Services:
Hotel and Restaurant Staff / Management Publisher of Tourist Literature Visitor and Convention Bureaus
Becoming a Successful International Tour Director
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Tour Guides Foreign Travel Advisors Airline Industry
Car Rental Agency Travel Agents National Parks

Some possible fields of employment - Information about language careers - Recommended books

Information about language careers

If you'd like to work for a specific company or agency, such as a particular international bank or automobile manufacturer or a certain government office, visit its website. There you will likely find information on the organization and what it expects from job candidates.
Occupational Outlook Handbook: Find out about the nature of the work, working conditions, earnings, training, and job outlook for an array of occupations.
USA Jobs Career Center: Assess your skills and interests and match them to suitable jobs.
American Translators Association: Learn about the translation and interpreting professions.
TESOL Careers: Find out about careers in teaching English as a second language.
International Careers: A series of articles about working abroad as a career choice.
Goinglobal: Information about finding a job in 23 different countries, cultural information, relevant news, lots of articles and resume tips.

Some possible fields of employment - Information about language careers - Recommended books

Some recommended books:

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The Global Citizen by former international career mentor Elizabeth Kruempelmann walks readers through the ins and outs of working, studying, volunteering, or living in a foreign country. Because Kruempelmann speaks four languages and has lived in 5 different countries, her advice derives from both professional and personal experience.

This international life and career planner presents a myriad of international options for people with a variety of interests and backgrounds. It offers tips for researching and funding your adventure abroad, hints on adjusting to life in a foreign country, and advice for using foreign experiences in careers later on. An extensive collection of web resources rounds out the volume.

This book is a great primer for those starting out on the international career path or as well as a handy reference for those already navigating the professional world as a foreigner.

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Work Worldwide: International Career Strategies for the Adventurous Job Seeker is a practical guide that helps readers turn the dream of having international career into a reality.

After discussing who should consider working abroad, why, and where, the bulk of the book is dedicated to the essential how. It walks readers through the process of locating and successfully applying and interviewing for international jobs as well as adjusting to foreign cultures.

This book reveals all you need to know about landing an international job.

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International Job Finder: Where the Jobs are Worldwide is a collection of resources to aid the search for an international job. Approximately 1200 online and print resources are listed with pertinent information, including services, strengths, cost (if any), and recommendations for effective use. The resources are organized by region and country, and the book includes both a topic index and resource index for easy use.

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What makes Opportunities for Foreign Language Careers different from other books on the market is its focus on a number of individual careers where foreign language skills are useful or necessary. It includes job fields and descriptions, salary statistics, training and certification requirements, as well as practical information about locating such careers.

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