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Language fact
French and English are
the only native languages
spoken on 5 continents.

Culture fact
French is one of the
official languages of
dozens of international

Language tip
It is estimated that 1/3
to 2/3 of words in the
English language are
of French origin.

Language tip
Learn French vocabulary
most effectively by
making and using
flash cards.
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language learning tips here.
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8 French textbooks (college level)

Amazon has a wide array of books about French language and culture & French learning software.
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French dictionaries

French-English dictionaries in book form

See our tips on Choosing a bilingual dictionary.

Larousse Advanced Dictionary: French-English / English-French, 2432 p. (2003)
With 250,000 entries and 400,000 translations and thousands of upon thousands of examples of usage, the bilingual French-English Larousse Advanced Dictionary has everything an advanced student of French needs. Beyond its function as an excellent dictionary, it serves as an encyclopedic reference, containing a bilingual atlas, models of letters and e-mails, pages on weights and measures, and informative sidebars on French life and culture. It also contains extensive coverage on the Canadian, Belgian, and Swiss varieties of French.

Harper-Collins French Unabridged Dictionary, 2142 p. (2005)
This comprehensive dictionary contains approximately 820,000 entries and translations and includes terms from the fields of business, technology, politics, culture, and medicine. The Harper-Collins is meant to help foreign language learners to acquire current common French and English usage. To that end, the dictionary includes colloquial and slang usages, idioms, and commonly used phrases, and it also indicates whether words are formal or informal, literary or vulgar, dated or euphemistic.

Harper-Collins Robert French College Dictionary, 1296 p. (2003)
The abridged College edition of the Harper-Collins French Dictionary has many of the benefits of the company's comprehensive reference with some added bonuses. A color layout makes for easier access of entries, and a full French pronunciation guide and phonetic transcriptions of English entries makes the dictionary useful for learners of either language. In addition, it is more compact in size than the unabridged edition, making it easy to transport while still containing enough information to be a practical reference.

Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary, 1896 p. (2001)
With 350,000 entries and over 542,000 translations, the Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of a wide range of contemporary words. Entries are based an analysis of real written and spoken French, the vocabulary of masterpieces of French literature, and consideration of technical and scientific vocabulary. In-text boxes provide extended treatement of complex word functions. As a bonus, the dictionary includes extensive in-text cultural notes on many aspects of French-speaking culture, such as political and educational systems, festivals, important historical facts, famous places, and national newspapers. It also has 75 model letters and e-mails.

Harrap Unabridged French-English/English-French Dictionary, 2 vols, 3000 p. (2001)

Dictionary Software & Electronic Dictionaries

French Visual Personal Interpreter
, 50,000+ French words, 15,000+ common phrases and idioms with audio pronunciation, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

French-English Talking Dictionary
, 60,000+ French & English words, 40,000+ audio links w/ correct pronunciation, CD FREE, Shipping cost only.

Oxford French Dictionary CD-ROM, by Oxford University Press (2003)

English-French Talking Partner Dictionary for Windows
, Bi-directional word translation.

Collins French Pro Dictionary, 120,000+ translations, text-to-speech capability, more (2005)

Oxford Hachette French/English Dictionary, 175,000+ words and phrases and 270,000 translations (2002)

ECTACO English <> French Language Teacher
(EF600T), Bi-directional electronic dictionary with 475,000 words.

ECTACO English <> French Partner
(EF400T), Bi-directional electronic dictionary w/ 450,000 words.

ECTACO English <-> French Audio PhraseBook
(B-3), talking travel companion w/ 14,000 phrases.

ECTACO English <> Arabic <> French Talking Dictionary
, 650,000 words, speech functions, customizable.

LingvoSoft French-English Dictionary or Talking Dictionary software for Palm OS, Pocket PC, MS Smartphone, Sony Ericsson phones. Also available for Windows.

Downloadable free trial.

ECTACO Dictionary / Translator English<>French dictionary software for Pocket PC, Nokia phones. Also available for Windows.

Downloadable free trial.

Specialized Dictionaries
The Firefly French/English Visual Dictionary, by Jean-Claude Corbeil, Arianne Archambault (2004)Contains 35,000 terms and 6000 full-color, computer-generated illustrations. Chapters are organized by categories and cover a broad range of themes.
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial French and English Dictionary, by Genevieve Lebaut, M. Clark, Bernadette Mohan, eds., 880 p. (1996) Contains 29,000 items for each language in 384 different sections. Covers a broad range of fields ranging from common, everyday life to science and technology, from arts and leisure to nuclear energy.
The Oxford French Business Dictionary: French-English/English-French, by Marianne Chalmers, Martine Pierquin, eds., 640 p. (2002)
Medical Dictionary, English to French and French to English, by P. Lepine, 876 p. (2001)
Medical Dictionary, French to English and English to French, by J. Delamare, 1130 p. (2000)
French to English and English to French Dictionary of Legal Terms, by Bernard Dhuicq, Daniele Frison, 292 p. (2004)
A Dictionary of the Cajun Language, by Rev. Jules O. Daigle, 165 p. (1984)

French grammar

English Grammar for Students of French, by Jacqueline Morton, 194 p. (2002)
The Ultimate French Review and Practice: Mastering French Grammar for Confident Communication, by David M. Stillman, Ronni L. Gordon, 448 p. (1999)
Schaum's Outline of French Grammar, by Mary Coffman Crocker, 432 p. (1999)
French Grammar and Usage, 2nd ed., by Roger Hawkins, Richard Towell, 480 p. (2001)Attention to areas that are especially difficult for English-speaking learners. Designed for learners with an intermediate or advanced knowledge of French. Covers both informal and formal registers.
Advanced French Grammar, by Monique L'Huillier, 716 p. (1999)Reference grammar that combines the advantages of both modern and traditional approaches. Contains numerous examples and indications of grammatical norms vs. current colloquial usage.
French Grammar the Easy Way, by Fabienne-Sophie Chauderlot, 304 p. (2004)
Modern French Grammar Workbook, 2nd ed., by Margaret Lang, Isabelle Perez, 96 p. (2004)
Complete Guide to Conjugating 12000 French Verbs, by Bescherelle, 174 p. (1995)
501 French Verbs, by Christopher Kendris, Theodore Kendris, 720 p. (2003)

French vocabulary

Mastering French Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach, 2nd ed., by Wolfgang Fischer, Anne-Marie Plouhinec, 554 p. (2003)
More than 5,000 words and phrases, organized by subject. Themes include business terms, medical terms, household terms, scientific words and phrases, units of measurement, clothing, food and dining, transportation, art and culture.
Schaum's Outline of French Vocabulary, 396 p. (1997)
Using French Vocabulary, by Jean H. Duffy, 486 p. (1999)
Advanced French Vocabulary, by Philip Horsfall, Sue Finnie, 112 p. (2004)
Using French Synonyms, by R. E. Batchelor, M. H. Offord, 603 p. (1993)
Dictionary of French Slang and Colloquial Expressions, by Henry Strutz, 355 p. (1999)
2001 French and English Idioms: 2001 Idiotismes Francais Et Anglais, by Francois Denoeu, David Sices, Jacqueline B. Sices, 838 p. (1996)


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