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Culture fact
French is one of the
official languages of
dozens of international

Language fact
French and English are
the only native languages
spoken on 5 continents.

Language tip
Learn French vocabulary
most effectively by
making and using
flash cards.
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language learning tips here.
French Books & Software (2)
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8 French textbooks (college level)

Amazon has a wide array of books about French language and culture & French learning software.
For books in French
or books published in Europe, check at alibris
for both new and used books from dealers around the globe.

Learning French

The Ultimate French Review and Practice: Mastering French Grammar for Confident Communication, by David M. Stillman, Ronni L. Gordon, 448 p. (1999)
French: The Easy Way, by Christopher Kendris, 483 p. (1986)
French for Reading, by by Karl C. Sandberg (1968)
Reading French in Arts and Science, 4th ed., by E. M. Stack, 292 p. (1986)
Skills and Techniques for Reading French, by Louise C. Seibert, Lester G. Crocker, 272 p. (2001)
Cracking the SAT French Subject Test, by Monique Gaden, Simone Ingram, 224 p. (2005)

CDs & Books with CDs
French Complete: Learn in Your Car, CD, by Henry N. Raymond (2002)
Teaches listeners pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar without a textbook, so it's convenient to use while driving, working out, walking, on the bus, etc. Includes up-to-date material including internet and technology terms and phrases.
Behind the Wheel French, 8 CDs, by Mark Frobose (2003)
Complete French course on CDs teaches learners to speak and understand authentic conversational French without reading, looking up meanings, or guessing. Learners begin speaking first sentences in French within just a few minutes and progress through the course from beginner- to intermediate-level French.
SmartFrench Audio CDs for Beginners, Audio CDs & 44 p. book, by Christian Aubert
SmartFrench Audio CD Intermediate/Advanced, Audio CDs & 44 p. book, by Christian Aubert
French I: Pimsleur Language Program, Audio CDs, by Pimsleur (2001)
French II: Pimsleur Language Program, Audio CDs, by Pimsleur (2003)
French III: Pimsleur Language Program, Audio CDs, by Pimsleur (2005)
Pimsleur Instant Conversation: French, Audio CDs, by Pimsleur (2002)
16 self-paced lessons to get you started in speaking French. Just listen, follow the instructions, and respond aloud. Includes a cash rebate for French I program.
Ultimate French Beginner-Intermediate, Audio CDs & 448 p. book, by Living Language (2004)

Software & Electronics
Rosetta Stone French Level I & II Set
Rosetta Stone French Level I
Level I: 92 lessons, 250 hours of instruction

Rosetta Stone French Level II
Level II: 118 lessons, 300 hours of instruction

Rosetta Stone French
Level I & II Set

Rosetta Stone: Each level includes CDs, textbook, & user's guide. Instruction in listening, reading, speaking, and writing, as well as vocabulary and grammar. Includes automated tutorials and tests for every lesson.

Everyday French

Conversations and 3000+ words and phrases, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

Say It In French
Say It In French
, 15 lessons., by Transparent Language

Learn French Now! V10 Deluxe
Learn French Now! V10 Deluxe,
by Transparent Language. Listen & Speak activities, grammar tools, and vocabulary games provide self-paced complete French learning program.

Quickstart: French Immersion

Focus on speaking, listening, reading, and spelling, 50 conversations, 400+ activities. Progress reports, dictionaries, and glossaries available, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

TeLL Me More French Premium Collection
, 750+ hours of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced instruction, 3600 exercises, hours of video.

LingvoSoft FlashCards French <> English
for Windows. Includes 7000 words & 4 vocab-building games. Customizable.

LingvoSoft French Platinum Pack
, Includes bidirectional & multilingual dictionaries, speech-enabled translation, language learning software, software for travelers, and language localization support.

Instant Immersion French Platinum, by Topics Entertainment, 3600 exercises, 750 hours of instruction.

ECTACO English <> French Language Teacher
(EF200D), Bi-directional electronic dictionary with 450,000 words.

ECTACO English <-> French Audio PhraseBook
(B-3), talking travel companion w/ 14,000 phrases.

French Visual Personal Interpreter
, 50,000+ French words, 15,000+ common phrases and idioms with audio pronunciation, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

Type & Learn French

CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

Also see our page of free French language learning software.

Learning Cajun
Cajun Self-Taught: Learning to Speak the Cajun Language, Audio CD, by Rev. Jules O. Daigle (2000)
Cajun Self Taught: Learning to Speak the Cajun Language Audio Companion, , 4 audio cassettes, by Rev. Jules O. Daigle (1992)
Conversational Cajun French 1, Audio cassette, by Randall P. Whatley, Harry Jannise (1992)

French language and linguistics

The French Language Today: A Linguistic Introduction, 2nd ed., by Adrian Battye, Marie-Anne Hintze, Paul Rowlett, eds., 272 p. (2000)
A History of the French Language, by Peter Rickard, 192 p. (1989)
French Inside Out: The French Language Past and Present, by Henriette Walter, 384 p. (1993)
The French-Speaking World: A Practical Introduction to Sociolinguistic Issues, by Rodney Ball, 176 p. (1997)
Sociolinguistic Variation in Seventeenth-Century France: Methodology and Case Studies, by Wendy Ayres-Bennett, 280 p. (2004)
A Sociolinguistic History of Parisian French, by R. Anthony Lodge, 302 p. (2004)
Sociolinguistics and Contemporary French, by Dennis Ernest Ager, 277 p. (1990)
The Sounds of French: An Introduction, by Bernard Tranel, 256 p. (1987)
French Phonetics, by Trudie Maria Booth, 152 p. (2000)
D'Accord: La Prononciation du Francais Internationale: Acquisition et Perfectionnement, by by Sylvia Carduner, M. Peter Hagiwara, 320 p. (1982)
Focus on French As a Foreign Language: Multidisciplinary Approaches , by Jean-Marc Dewaele, ed., 242 p. (2005)

French translation

Thinking French Translation Student Book: A Course in Translation Method: French to English, by Sandor Hervey, Ian Higgins, 320 p. (2002)
Translator Self-Training--French, by Morry Sofer, 120 p. (2001)
Interpreting French: Advanced Language Skills, by Margaret Lang, Isabelle Perez, 60 p. (2001)

Software & Electronics

ECTACO English <> French Language Teacher
(EF600T), Bi-directional electronic translator / dictionary with 475,000 words.

ECTACO English <-> French Audio PhraseBook
(B-3), talking travel companion w/ 14,000 phrases.

Franklin 5 Language European Communicator
(CET-180), 10,000 words w/ voice in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.


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