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French is one of the
official languages of
dozens of international

Language fact
French and English are
the only native languages
spoken on 5 continents.

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Business French

French Language for Business Purposes
Manual of Business French: A Comprehensive Language Guide, by Stuart Williams, Nathalie McAndrew Cazorla, 432 p. (1996)
Designed for all levels, this manual contains a 6000-word, two-way glossary of the most useful business terms; a written communication section giving models of 50 letters, faxes and documents; a spoken situations section covering face-to-face and telephone situations; a short reference grammar outlining the major grammatical features of the language; and a short business racts section covering essential information on the country or countries where French is used.
Business Companion French: All the Words and Phrases You Need to Do Business, book & CD, by Living Language (2003)
French Business Situations, by Stuart Cazorla Williams, Nathalie McAndrew Carzola, 128 p. (1996)
A reference and learning text for all those who use or need spoken French for business. It is suitable for self-study or class use. Over 40 spoken situations are simply presented, including: basic phone calls; leaving messages; making presentations; comparing, enquiring, and booking; and selling techniques. Full English translations are accompanied by brief usage notes, to aid the learner to communicate confidently in a broad range of everyday business situations.
Business French: An Intermediate Course, by Jean-Luc Penfornis, 128 p. (2005)

French for Marketing: Using French in Media and Communications, by R. E. Batchelor, Malliga Chebli-Saadi, 368 p. (1998)
The book relates French language studies to central aspects of French marketing and advertising methods. It deals in a straightforward manner with the language of marketing, media and communications as practiced in France. It provides a two-year course for students who wish to apply their French studies to a practical end and it contains a wide range of exercises, with model answers, aimed at improving knowledge of French and French marketing techniques.
Mastering French Business Vocabulary, by Bernard Gillmann, Martin Verrel, 448 p. (1996)
French Business Correspondence, by Stuart Williams, Nathalie McAndrew Cazorla, 184 p. (1997)
Guide to Correspondence in French, by Simone Oudot, 144 p. (1985)

Business French Dictionaries
Routledge French Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance = Dictionnaire Anglais Des Affaires, Du Commerce Et De LA Finance: French-English/English-French, 1123 p. (1996)
The Oxford French Business Dictionary: French-English/English-French, by Marianne Chalmers, Martine Pierquin, eds., 640 p. (2002)
This is an ideal dictionary for students taking French for Business Purposes or for anyone doing business in the French-speaking world. It provides an exhaustive range of business vocabulary across many core areas, including e-commerce and Internet-related terms. Extensive supplementary material offers sample business correspondence, including Curriculum Vitaes; faxes, emails, and invoices; lists of countries, nationalities, languages, and currencies; and guidance on using the telephone.
Harrap's French and English Business Dictionary, 704 p. (2005)
Contains 40,000+ references with usage examples and provides tips on working with translators, articles on meeting protocol, information on nations of the world and administrative divisions, and explanations of financial statements in French and English.

Working in French-Speaking Countries
Living and Working in France: A Survival Handbook, by David Hampshire, 560 p. (2005)
Living and Working in France: Chez vous en France , by Geneviéve Brame, 350 p. (2004)
Living, Studying, and Working in France: Everything You Need To Know To Fulfill Your Dreams of Living Abroad, by Saskia Reilly, Lorin David Kalisky, 320 p. (1999)
Living and Working in Switzerland: A Survival Handbook, 10th ed., by David Hampshire, 448 p. (2005)

About French Business Culture & Doing Business in France
A Practical Guide to French Business, by Jon P. Alston, Melanie Hawthorne, 194 p. (2003)
This book focuses on the values in french culture that influence business-related behavior so that non-French businesspersons can understand French biases and customs. It provides insight into French business customs and shows how to deal with the French during the workday and social events.
Starting a Business in France, by Andre de Vries, 320 p. (2004)
France: Export-Import & Business Directory, by International Business Publications USA, 404 p. (2004)
France: Business Law Handbook, by International Business Publications USA, 350 p. (2002)

Travel to Francophone Countries

French Language for Travelers & Tourists
15-minute French, 160 p. with CD (2005)
Rick Steves' French Phrase Book and Dictionary, by Rick Steves, 194 p. (2003)
ECTACO English <-> French Audio PhraseBook (B-3), hand-held, electronic travel companion w/ 14,000 phrases in text and audio.
Barron's Travel Wise French, by Gerard Herin (1998).
Getting by in French: A Quick Beginner's Course for Tourists and Business People, by Pierrick Picot, 128 p. with audio cassette (1996).

Travel Books: French-Speaking Countries and Regions
Let's Go France, 832 p. (2006)
For independent travelers on a budget. Tips for fun, interesting, and adventurous travel experience in France that won't break the bank.
Rick Steves' France, by Rick Steves, 670 p. (2006)
Favorite destinations, both familiar ones and those unfrequented by tourists, with reviews, suggested walking tours and itineraries, and practical information about getting around.
The Rough Guide to French Hotels & Restaurants, by Rough Guides (2006)
Bestselling guide to value restaurants and accomodations in France for any budget, organized by region. Take the guide along to listed hotels and restaurants for a discount.
A Traveller's Wine Guide to France, by Christopher Fieldan, Jim Budd, 192 p. (2005)
With this book, you can wine-taste your way across France. Includes maps, suggested itineraries, information about individual wineries and wines, wine festivals, and more.
France on Foot: Village to Village, Hotel to Hotel: How to Walk the French Trail System on Your Own, by Bruce LeFavour, Faith Echtermeyer, 230 p. (1999)
Paris with Kids, by Valerie Gwinner, 336 p. (2006)
The Unofficial Guide to Paris, by David Applefield, 480 p. (2006)
Frommer's Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg, by George McDonald, 540 p. (2005)
Daytrips Switzerland: 45 One Day Adventures by Rail, Bus or Car Plus Numerous Walking Tours, by Norman P.T. Renouf, 304 p. (2005)
Montréal & Québec City for Dummies, 336 p. (2006)
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