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Johannes Gutenberg Denkmal in Mainz
Johannes Gutenberg
Monument in Mainz,

Culture fact
Johannes Gutenberg introduced
innovations to printing that first
made the mass production of
books possible. It is arguably
the most significant invention of
the 2nd millenium. For this
reason, the German metal worker
and inventor was dubbed
"Man of the Millenium"
by American journalists.

Learn vocabulary in context:

Language fact
1 in 10 books
published worldwide
is written in German.

Language fact
So many German books appear
on the market each year that
the German-language book trade
ranks third in the world, trailing
only books published in
English and Chinese.

Language tip
Learn German vocabulary
most effectively by
making and using
flash cards.
Discover other helpful
language learning tips here.

Culture fact
The Frankfurter Buchmesse
(Frankfurt Book Fair) is the
largest international trade fair
for publishing. It takes place
every October and lasts for 6
days. It attracts publishers
from 110 countries.
German Books & Software (1)

German dictionaries

German-English dictionaries in book form

See our tips on Choosing a bilingual dictionary.

Harper Collins German Unabridged Dictionary, 5th ed., 2288 p. (2004)
This comprehensive dictionary contains over 850,000 entries and translations and includes terms from the fields of business, politics, and technology. The Harper-Collins German Unabridged Dictionary is meant to help foreign language learners to acquire current common German and English usage. To that end, the dictionary includes exhaustive coverage of key words and full treatment of irregular forms. It also indicates regional usages and differentiates between written and spoken real contemporary language use.

The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary: German-English/English-German, new ed., 1728 p. (1999)
The Oxford-Duden bilingual German dictionary contains over 260,000 words and phrases, more than 450,000 translations, and thousands of examples illustrating authentic language use. It incorporates the official spelling changes ratified in 1996 and includes coverage of the varieties of German spoken worldwide, including Switzerland and Italy. In-text boxes elaborate on such topics as nationalities, jobs, greetings, apologizing, and vocabularly building. The work also includes grammar explanations, numerical expressions, a list of weights and measures, a letter-writing guide, and full-page maps.

The Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary: German-English English-German, 2nd ed., 1226 p. (2000)
Langenscheidt's Compact German Dictionary: German-English English-German, 1391 p. (2003)
Harrap's Concise English-German Dictionary/Harrap's Worterbuch Deutsch-Englisch, by Robin Sawers, 1168 p. (1994)
Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary German: German-English/English-German, 672 p. (2001)
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial German-English Dictionary, 2nd ed. 872 p. (1994)

Software & Electronics

German-English Talking Dictionary
, 60,000 entries, 40,000 audio links, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

German Word Ace
Talking Translation Dictionary, by Transparent Language (2004)

Oxford German Dictionary
CD, by Oxford University
Press (2001)

English-German Talking Partner Dictionary for Windows
, Bi-directional word translation.

Collins English/German Talking Dictionary, by Victory Multimedia (2002)

LingvoSoft German<>English
Talking Dictionary for Pocket
& Palm OS.

ECTACO English <> German Language Teacher
(EGm600T), Bi-directional electronic dictionary with 475,000 words.

LingvoSoft "Learning German" Software Bundle for Palm OS or Pocket PC. Includes German <> English talking dictionary & FlashCards.

ETACO Language Teacher
English<>German for
, Software with free demo download.

ECTACO English <> German Partner
(EGm400T), Bi-directional electronic dictionary w/ 400,000 words.

ECTACO English <-> German Audio PhraseBook
(B-3), talking travel companion w/ 14,000 phrases.

ECTACO English <> German
<> Russian Language
, 685,000 words,
speech functions, 1000+

Specialized Dictionaries
Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry: English-German (2003)
Routledge-Langenscheidt Dictionary of Medicine: v1, German-English / v2, English-German (1998)
Medical Dictionary German to English and English to German, CD-ROM (1999)
Routledge-Langenscheidt Dictionary of Biology: v1, German-English / v2, English-German (1999)
Routledge-Langenscheidt Dictionary of Chemistry: v1, German-English (1997)
Parat Dictionary of Chemistry - Wörterbuch Chemie: German-English (1993)
Routledge-Langenscheidt Dictionary of Physics: v1, German-English / v2, English-German (1999)
Routledge Technical Dictionary: v1, German-English / v2, English-German (1995)
Routledge German Dictionary of Microelectronics: German-English & English-German (1999)
Dictionary of Electronics, Computing, Telecommunications and Media: v1, German-English / v2, English-German (2004)
Routledge-Langenscheidt Dictionary of Electrical Engineering: v1, German-English / v2, English-German (2004)
Routledge German Dictionary of Construction - Wörterbuch Bauwesen: German-English & English-German (1997)
Dictionary of Ecology - Worterbuch Ökologie, 2nd ed. (2000)
Routledge-K.G. Saur Dictionary of Philosophical Terms: v1, German-English / v2, English-German (1998)
Dictionary of Personnel and Educational Terms: German-English / English-German, by Rory O'Flanagan, Ruth Irle. (2001)

German grammar

English Grammar for Students of German, by Cecile Zorach, Charlotte Melin, 168 p. (2001)
Langenscheidt's Pocket German Grammar (1998)
Hammer's German Grammar and Usage, 4th ed., by Martin Durrell, 576 p. (2002)
Schaum's Outline of German Grammar, by Elke Gschossmann-Hendersnot, Lois Feurle, 288 p. (1996)
A Practical Review of German Grammar, 3rd ed., by Gerda Dippmann, Johanna Watzinger-Tharp, 397 p. (1999)
Modern German Grammar: A Practical Guide, by Bill Dodd, Christine Eckhard-Black, et al., 504 p. (2003)
Master the Basics: German, by Paul G. Graves, Henry Strutz, 225 p. (1995)
Teach Yourself German Grammar, by Jenny Russ, 256 p. (2003)
Teach Yourself German Verbs, by Silvia Robertson, 272 p. (2003)
German Verbs and Essentials of Grammar, by Charles James, 128 p. (1985)
German Verb Drills, by Astrid Henschel, 160 p. (2003)
750 German Verbs and Their Uses, by Jan R. Zamir, Rolf Neumeier, 715 p. (1992)
501 German Verbs, by Henry Strutz, 585 p. (1998)

German vocabulary

Mastering German Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach, by Gabriele Forst, 447 p. (1995)
Schaum's Outlines of German Vocabulary, 2nd ed., by Paul S. Weiss, 223 p. (1998)
English/German Dictionary of Idioms: Supplement to the German/English Dictionary of Idioms, by Hans Schemann, Paul Knight, 560 p. (1997)
2001 German and English Idioms, by Henry Strutz, 519 p. (1995)
Scheisse!: The Real German You Were Never Taught in School, by Gertrude Besserwisser, 144p. (1994)
Wicked German, by Howard Tomb, 64 p. (1992)
Vocabulearn German / English Complete, audio CD & booklet, by Penton Overseas (2004)
Using German Vocabulary, by Sarah M. B. Fagan, 596 p. (2004)
Using German Synonyms, by Martin Durrell, 346 p. (2000)
Teach Yourself German Vocabulary, by Susan Ashworth-Fiedler, 224 p. (1996)
Easy Ways to Enlarge Your German Vocabulary, by Karl A. Schmidt, 124 p. (1974)
Your First 100 Words in German: German for Total Beginners Through Puzzles and Games, by Jane Wightwick, 80 p. (2002)
Dictionary of German Slang and Colloquial Expressions, by Henry Strutz, 338 p. (2000)


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