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Language fact
German and English
are sister languages.
The only other modern
languages belonging to
this same language branch
are Dutch, Yiddish, Afrikaans,
Frisian, and Luxembourgish.

German language history:

Portrait of Martin Luther
by Lucas Cranach

Culture fact
Martin Luther's translation of
the Bible from Greek and Latin
into the German vernacular
first made the text widely
accessible to common people.
His translation is the version
still most commonly used
by German speakers today.
Beyond that, his German Bible
also helped bridge the many
German dialects that existed
at the time and established
the basis of a standard form
of the language.

English <> German
Language Teacher

Bi-directional electronic
dictionary with
475,000 words.

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German Books & Software (2)

Learning German

German in 10 Minutes a Day, by Kristine K. Kershul, 132 p. (1998)
The Everything Learning German Book: Speak, Write and Understand Basic German in No Time, by Edward Swick, 340 p. (2003)
Teach Yourself German: Complete Course, by Paul Coggle, 272 p. (2003)
German: A Self-Teaching Guide, by Heimy Taylor, Werner Haas, 288 p. (1997)
Conversational German: In 20 Lessons, by Eva C. Lange, 384 p. (1990)
German for Reading Knowledge, by Hubert Jannach, Richard Alan Korb, 336 p. (2004)
Reading German: A Course Book and Reference Grammar, by Waltraud Coles, Bill Dodd, 377 p. (1998)

Books & CDs / DVDs
Movie Talk German: Advanced, DVD-ROM (1999)
Learn via this episode from the hugely popular television series Ein Fall für zwei. Full-screen video with games and exercises, complete subtitles, self-record function, more.
Berlitz New Basic German, CD and book, by Berlitz Publishing, 136 p. (2003)
Berlitz Rush Hour German, CD and book, by Berlitz Publishing, 120 p. (2003)
Ultimate German Beginner-Intermediate, manual & CDs, by Living Language, 448 p. (2004)
Ultimate German Advanced, manual & CD, by Living Language (2003)
Learn in Your Car German: Level One, CD, by Henry M. Raymond (2002)
Learn in Your Car German: Level Two, CD, by Henry M. Raymond (2002)
German 3-Level Set: The Complete Language Course (Learn in Your Car), audio CD, by Henry N. Raymond (2002)
Hugo in 3 Months German: Beginner's CD Language Course, by Sigrid-B Martin, 272 p. book & CD (2003)
German with Michel Thomas, audio CD (2001)
Teach Yourself German Complete Course, 3rd ed., by Paul Coggle (2003)
Barron's Mastering German, book & audio CD, by Foreign Service Institute (1992)
Take Off in German, book & audio CD, by Heike Schommartz, Andrea Reitz, 256 p. (2000)


Rosetta Stone German Personal Edition Level 1 only CD-ROM, by Fairfield Language Technolgies (2002)

Rosetta Stone German Level 1 & 2 Personal Edition CD-ROM, by Fairfield Technologies (2002)

TeLL Me More German Premium Collection
, 750+ hours of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced instruction, 3600 exercises, hours of video.

Instant Immersion German Deluxe, 5 CD-ROMs & 3 audio CDs.

Rosetta Stone German Explorer, 22 CD-ROM lessons.

Learn to Speak German 8.1, 5 CDs & over 100 lessons.

A+ German, 15 CD-ROM lessons

Speak & Learn! German, by EuroTalk Interactive (2004)

Learn German Now! 9.0 CD-ROM, by Transparent Language (2002)

Everyday German
, CD FREE, Shipping costs only. (These sell out quickly.)

German Visual Personal Interpreter
, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

Beginner's German
Shipping costs only. (These sell out quickly.)

Type & Learn German, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

Quickstart: German Immersion
, CD FREE, Shipping costs only. (These sell out quickly.)

German language and linguistics

History of the German Language, by John T. Waterman, 284 p. (1991)
The German-Speaking World: A Practical Introduction to Sociolinguistic Issues, by Patrick Stevenson, 254 p. (1997)
Variation in German: A Critical Approach to German Sociolinguistics, by Stephen Barbour, Patrick Stevenson, 322 p. (1990)
Using German: A Guide to Contemporary Usage, by Martin Durrell, 350 p. (2003)
The German Language Today: A Linguistic Introduction, by Charles V. J. Russ, 350 p. (1994)
The German Language and the Real World: Sociolinguistic, Cultural, and Pragmatic Perspectives on Contemporary German, by Patrick Stevenson, 424 p. (1995)
The Structure of German, by Anthony Fox, 320 p. (2005)
The German Language in a Changing Europe, by Micheal Clyne, 285 p. (1995)
Exploring the German Language by Sally Johnson, 288 p. (1998)
Language and History in the Early Germanic World, by D. H. Green, 460 p. (2000)
Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, with CD-ROM, by Friedrich Kluge (2003)
Sprache in der DDR: Ein Wörterbuch, by Birgit Wolf, 259 p. (2000)
The Germanic Languages, new ed., by Ekkehard König, Johan Van Der Auwera, 648 p. (2002)
The Cambridge History of the Germanic Languages, 2 vols., by Robert B. Howell, Paul T. Roberge, Joseph C. Salmons (2004).
Pennsylvania Dutch: A Dialect of South German With an Infusion of English, S. S. Haldeman, 69 p. (2003)
The Phonology of Pennsylvania German English as Evidence of Language Maintenance and Shift, by Achim Kopp, 345 p. (1999)
Pennsylvania Deitsh Dictionary: Deitsh to English, English to Deitsh, Thomas Beachy, 164 p. (1999)
Old English and Its Closest Relatives: A Survey of the Earliest Germanic Languages, by Orrin W. Robinson, 290 p. (1993)
The Old Saxon Language: Grammar, Epic Narrative, Linguistic Interference, by Irmengard Rauch, 416 p. (1992)

German translation

Thinking German Translation: A Course in Translation Method: German to English, by Sandor Hervey, Ian Higgins, Michael Loughridge. 256 p. (1995)
Translator Self-Training: German, book & CD-ROM, 120 p. (2001)
A Basis for Scientific and Engineering Translation: German-English-German, by Michael Hann, 250 p. (2004)
Interpreting German: Advanced Language Skills, book & audio cassettes, by Ursula Boser, Hugh Keith, 60 p. (2001)

Software & Electronics
Translate German Pro, CD-ROM, by LEC. (2004)
Translate German, CD-ROM, by LEC. (2004)  

ECTACO English <> German <> Russian Voice Translator
, Speech-to-speech interpreter, w/ bilingual dictionaries and phrasebook.

ECTACO English <-> German Audio PhraseBook
(B-3), voice interpreter w/ 14,000 phrases

Franklin 5 Language European Communicator
(CET-180), 10,000 words w/ voice in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish.

See more electronic translators & translation software.

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