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Culture fact
With its many waterways, the
city of Hamburg has more
bridges than Venice, London
and Amsterdam combined.

Spectacular churches and castles--
like this collegiate church in the
tiny village of Dietkirchen--seem
to be around every corner.

Travel guide Germany:

Culture fact
With 3 out of every 4 vacations
spent in a foreign country,
Germans are by far the most
well-traveled Europeans.

An ICE-train at the main train
station in Leipzig. The ICE-trains
travel at speeds up to 280 km/h
or 175 mph.

Culture fact
Germany has 11,800 km of
autobahn. This would be
enough road to take you
from Berlin to Honolulu.

-Deutschland online

Culture fact
Germany has the third strongest
economy in the world, after
the U.S. and Japan, and it is
the world leader in exports.

Culture fact
The most popular subject of
study at European institutions
of higher education is business

Frankfurt am Main is one of Europe's
most important economic hubs. It
has 332 banks, has the largest stock
exchange and the busiest airport
on the European continent,
and it hosts over 40 international
trade fairs each year.

Culture fact
Citizens of EU member states,
the U.S., Canada, and Japan
can enter Germany and stay up
to 3 months without a visa.
German Books & Software (4)

Travel to German-speaking countries

General Travel Guides & Maps
German Survival Guide: The Language and Culture You Need to Travel With Confidence in Germany and Austria, by Elizabeth Bingham, 144 p. (2001)
Rick Steves' Planning Map Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (2005)
Michelin Germany: Benelux Austria, Switzerland Czech, Czech Republic: Tourist and Motoring Atlas, spiral bound. (2004)

German Language for Travelers & Tourists
Lonely Planet German: Phrasebook, by Gunther Muhl, 256 p. (2003)
Rick Steves' German Phrase Book and Dictionary, by Rick Steves, 224 p. (2003)
Berlitz German Phrase Book, 224 p. (2001)
Harper Collins Language Survival Guide: Germany: The Visual Phrase Book and Dictionary, 192 p. (2004)
Barron's German at a Glance: Phrase Book & Dictionary for Travelers, by Henry Strutz, 280 p. (2003)
The Rough Guide Dictionary Phrasebook German, 256 p. (2000)
Conversational German in 7 Days, by Douglas Baldwin. (1992)

Travel Books: Germany
The Xenophobe's Guide to the Germans, by Stefan Zeidenitz, Ben Barkow. 64 p. (1999)
Lonely Planet Germany, by Andrea Schulte-Peevers, Sarah Johnstone, et al., 816 p. (2004)
Fodor's Germany 2005, by Amanda Theunissen, 848 p.
Frommer's Germany 2005, by Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince, 396 p.
Rick Steves' Germany and Austria 2005, by Rick Steves, 558 p.
Hostels Germany: The Only Comprehensive, Unofficial, Opinionated Guide, by Paul Karr, 416 p. (2001)
Daytrips Germany, 6th Edition: 60 One Day Adventures by Rail or by Car in Bavaria, the Rhineland, the North and the East, by Earl Steinbicker, 352. (2002)
Karen Brown's Germany: Charming Inns & Itineraries 2004, by Karen Brown, 296 p. (2004)

Travel Books: Austria
Let's Go Austria & Switzerland: Including Munich, 12th ed., by Kate McIntyre, Veronique Hyland, 592 p. (2004)
The Xenophobe's Guide to the Austrians, by Louis James, 64 p. (2000)
Lonely Planet Austria, by Mark Honan, 408 p. (2002)
Frommer's Austria, 10th ed., by Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince, 512 p. (2003)
Walking Austria's Alps: Hut to Hut, by Jonathan Hurdle, 237 p. (1999)
Frommer's Austria's Best-Loved Driving Tours, by British Auto Association, 176 p. (2004)
Karen Brown's Austria: Charming Inns & Itineraries, by Karen Brown, 216 p. (2004)

Travel Books: Switzerland
The Xenophobe's Guide to the Swiss, by Paul Bilton, 64 p. (1999)
Lonely Planet Switzerland, by Damien Simonis, Sarah Johnstone, Lorne Jackson, 335 p. (2003)
Rick Steves' Switzerland 2005, by Rick Steves, 200 p. (2004)
Trekking and Climbing in the Western Alps, by Hilary Sharp, 176 p. (2002)
Daytrips Switzerland: 45 One Day Adventures by Rail, Car, Bus, Ferry or Cable Car, by Norman P. T. Renouf, 368 p. (1999)
Karen Brown's Switzerland: Charming Inns & Itineraries 2004, by Karen Brown, 264 p. (2004)
Switzerland: Rail, Road, Lake: The Bradt Travel Guide, by Anthony Lambert, 416 p. (2000)
Walking Switzerland The Swiss Way: From Vacation Apartments, Hotels, Mountain Inns, and Huts,by Marcia Lieberman, Philip Lieberman, 288 p. (1997)
Hostels Austria & Switzerland: The Only Comprehensive, Unofficial, Opinionated Guide, by Paul Karr, Martha Coombs, 288 p. (2002)

Travel DVDs & Videos
Rick Steves Best of Travels in Europe - Germany, Austria & Switzerland, DVD or VHS. (2001)
Hidden Treasures of Europe - Germany, VHS. (2000)
United Germany, VHS. (2000)
Travel Guide: South Germany, VHS. (1998)
Travel Guide: Hamburg, Germany, VHS. (1998)
Germany: the Rhine and Mosel, the Romantic Road, VHS. (1997)
Discover Seiffen - Germany's Christmas Village, VHS. (2001)
Vienna, DVD. (2004)
Austria: Vienna & The Danube, Salzburg & the Lakes District, VHS. (1999)
Switzerland: Berner Alps, Western Switzerland, VHS. (1997)

Business German

Working in German-Speaking Countries
Living & Working in Germany: Settle in Quickly and Get the Most Out of Your Stay, by Christine Hall, 276 p. (2001)
Living & Working in Germany: A Survival Handbook, by Dan Finlay, 476 p. (2003)
Studying and Working in Germany, by Peter James, David Kaufman, 200 p. (2002)
Living and Working in Switzerland: A Survival Handbook, 10th ed., by David Hampshire, 448 p. (2005)
Going Global Career Guide: Germany, 52 p. (2003)
Going Global Career Guide: Switzerland, 54 p. (2003)

German Business Culture
Understanding American and German Business Cultures: A Manager's Guide to the Cultural Context in Which American and German Companies Operate, Patrick L. Schmidt, 116 p. (2001)
Culture Shock! Succeed in Business: Germany, by Richard Lord, 224 p. (1998)
In the Know in Germany: The Indispensable Guide to Working and Living in Germany, book & CD, by Jennifer Phillips, 256 p. (2003)

German as a Language of Business
Business Companion: German, book & CD, by Tim Dobbins, Paul Westbrook, 288 p. (2001)
German for Business and Economics: Die Volks- Und Weltwirtschaft, vol. 1, by Patricia Ryan Paulsell, Anne-Katrin Gramberg, Karin U. H. Evans. (2000)
German for Business and Economics: Die Betriebswirtschaft, vol. 2, by Patricia Ryan Paulsell, Anne-Katrin Gramberg, Karin U. H. Evans. (2000)
Deutsche Wirtschaftssprache für Amerikaner, by Doris Fulda Merrifield, 336 p. (1994)
Talking Business - German, A. Yeomans, 288 p. (2005)
German Business Situations: A Spoken Language Guide, by Paul Hartley, Gertrud Robins, 128 p. (1995)
German Business Correspondence, by Paul Hartley, Gertrud Robins, 176 p. (1996)

Dictionaries of German Business Terms
The Oxford German Business Dictionary, by Madalena Seubel, Neil Morris, 640 p. (2005)
German Business Dictionary: English-German / German-English, by P. H. Colin, 224 p. (2002)
Routledge German Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance: German-English / English-German, 961 p. (1997)
Marketing Dictionary, German to English and English to German, by Wolfgang J. Koshnick, 372 p. (2000)
Management and Marketing: Encyclopedic Dictionary, English-German, by Wolfgang J. Koschnick, 859 p. (1998)


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