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Culture fact
German films have captured the
European Film Award -- the
Oscar of Europe -- for 2 years
running now. The comedy
Good bye, Lenin!
took the
award in 2003, and Fatih Akin's
drama Gegen die Wand picked
up the 2004 award.

The Golden Bear Award
The coveted Golden Bear is awarded
annually to the best film at the
Berlinale, one of the world's top
film festivals and Berlin's largest
cultural event.

German film history:

Lola rennt DVD
The film Lola rennt (1998)
won many international awards.

Culture fact
During the 1920s, German
speakers were pioneers in film
production. When the Nazis
came to power, many German
and Austrian actors, directors,
and cinematographers retreated
to Los Angeles, where they
helped shape the Hollywood
film industry.

Culture fact
The first German Empire lasted
for 1000 years: from the
crowning of the first emperor,
Charlesmagne (or Karl der
Große as he is called in
German) in 800 A.D. to 1806,
when Napoleon invaded.

The Berlin Wall in 1988
The Berlin Wall divided the city
of Berlin from 1961 to 1989.

20th-century German history:

Albert Einstein: Time magazine's Person of the Century
Time magazine named Albert Einstein
the most significant person of the
20th century. Einstein appeared on
the cover of Time magazine 4 times
over the course of 70 years.

German Books & Software (5)

German cinema

The BFI Companion to German Cinema, by Thomas Elsaesser, ed., 259 p. (2000)
The Concise Cinegraph: An Encyclopedia of German Cinema, by Hans-Michael Bock, Axel Goodbody, 256 p. (2004)
German National Cinema, by Sabine Hake, 240 p. (2001)
The German Cinema Book, by Tim Bergfelder, Erica Carter, Deniz Gokturk, 302 p. (2003)
German Cinema: Texts in Context, by Marc Silberman, 322 p. (1995)
Handbook of German Film, by Bock, 600 p. (2004)
Austrian Cinema: A History, by Robert von Dassanowsky (2005)
The Early History of German Motion Pictures, 1895-1935, by Douglas B. Thomas, 228 p. (1999)

Periods and Themes in German Film
The UFA Story: A History of Germany's Greatest Film Company, 1918-1945, by Klaus Kreimeier, Robert Kimber, Rita Kimber, 451 p. (1999)
A Second Life : German Cinema's First Decades, by Thomas Elsaesser, ed., 352 p. (1996)
German Expressionist Films (Pocket Essentials), by Paul Cooke, 96 p. (2002)
Weimar Cinema and After: Germany's Historical Imaginary, by Thomas Elsaesser, 480 p. (2000)
Hollywood in Berlin: American Cinema and Weimar Germany, by Thomas J. Saunders, 332 p. (1994)
From Caligari to Hitler : A Psychological History of the German Film, by Siegfried Kracauer, 432 p. (2004)
The Dark Mirror: German Cinema between Hitler and Hollywood, by Lutz Koepnick, 332 p. (2002)
Literature and Film in the Third Reich, by Karl-Heinz Schoeps, Kathleen M. Dell'Orto, 379 p. (2003)
Propaganda and the German Cinema, 1933-1945, by David Welch, 288 p. (2001)
DEFA: East German Cinema, 1946-1992, by Sean Allan, John Sandford, 328 p. (1999)
The New German Cinema: Music, History, and the Matter of Style, by Caryl Flinn, 352 p. (2004)
Light Motives: German Popular Film in Perspective, by Randall Halle, Margaret McCarthy, 400 p. (2003)
Projecting History : German Nonfiction Cinema, 1967-2000, by Nora M. Alter, 232 p. (2002)

Specific Films or Directors
Fritz Lang: Photographs and Documents. Vienna-Berlin-Paris-Hollywood, by Rolf Aurich, Wolfgang Jacobsen, Cornelius Schnauber, 512 p. (2001)
Fritz Lang: Interviews, by Fritz Lang, Barry Keith Grant, 240 p. (2003)
Fritz Lang: Genre and Representation in His American Films, by Reynold Humphries, 232 p. (2003)
The Films of Fritz Lang: Allegories of Vision and Modernity, by Tom Gunning, 528 p. (2000)
Fritz Lang's Metropolis : Cinematic Visions of Technology and Fear, new ed., by Michael Minden and Holger Bachmann, eds., 340 p. (2002)
The Films of Leni Riefenstahl, by David B. Hinton, 128 p. (2000)
Billy Wilder, by Glenn Hopp, 192 p. (2003)
Conversations with Wilder, by Cameron Crowe, 400 p. (2001)
Fassbinder's Germany : History, Identity, Subject, by Thomas Elsaesser, 360 p. (1996)
Television, Tabloids, and Tears: Fassbinder and Popular Culture, by Jane Shattuc, 263 p. (1994)
Herzog on Herzog, by Paul Cronin (ed.), Werner Herzog, 400 p. (2003).
Werner Herzog, by Herbert Achternbusch, Beat Presser, Werner Herzog, 126 p. (2003)
The Cinema of Wim Wenders, by Alexander Graf, 192 p. (2002)
The Films of Wim Wenders : Cinema as Vision and Desire, by Robert Phillip Kolker, Peter Beicken, 211 p. (1993)
From Alice to Buena Vista: The Films of Wim Wenders, by Roger Bromley, 136 p. (2001)
Volker Schlöndorff's Cinema: Adaptation, Politics, and the Movie-Appropriate, by Hans-Bernhard Moeller, George Lellis, 369 p. (2002)
Margarethe von Trotta, by Renate Hehr, 128 p. (2000)
Doris Dorrie, German Filmmaker and Author, by Franz Birgel, Klaus Phillips, (2004)

If you're interested in German film,
you might like to visit our German films and German film soundtracks pages.

History of Germany & German-speaking people

German History
The Cambridge Illustrated History of Germany, by Martin Kitchen, 352 p. (2000)
Germany: A New History, by Hagen Schulze, 368 p. (2001)
A Concise History of Germany, 2nd ed., by Mary Fullbrook, 296 p. (2004)
The Rise and Fall of the German Democratic Republic 1945-1990, by J. M. Dennis, 352 p. (2000)
German History Since 1800, by Mary Fullbrook, 640 p. (1998)
Rereading German History: From Unification to Reunification 1800-1996, by Richard Evans, 272 (1997)
Unchained Eagle: Germany After the Wall, by Tom Heneghan, 245 p. (2000)
The Fall of the GDR, by David Childs, 216 p. (2001)

Austrian History
Introducing Austria: A Short History, by Lonnie Johnson, 196 p. (1989)
Austria-Hungary & the Successor States: A Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present, by Eric Roman, 480 p. (2003)
Modern Austria: Empire and Republic, 1815-1986, by Barbara Jelavich, 354 p. (1987)
The Habsburg Monarchy, 1809-1918: A History of the Austrian Empire and Austria-Hungary, by A. J. P. Taylor, 280 p. (1976)
The Habsburg Monarchy, 1618-1815, by Charles W. Ingrao, 284 p. (2000)
State and Society in Early Modern Austria, by Charles W. Ingrao, 360 p. (1994)

Swiss History
The Making of Modern Switzerland, 1848-1998, by Michael Butler, Malcom Pender, Joy Charnley (eds.), 184 p. (2000)
Swiss Foreign Policy, 1945-2002, by Jurg Martin Gabriel, Thomas Fischer, 214 p. (2003)
The Rise of the Swiss Republic, by W. D. McCrackan, 420 p. (2002)
Switzerland: A Village History, by David Birmingham, 225 p. (2004)

History of Lichtenstein
Liechtenstein: A Modern History, by David Beattie, 399 p. (2004)

Pre-Modern History (Germanic)

The Early Germans, Malcolm Todd, 304 p. (1995)
Early Germanic Literature and Culture, Camden House History of German Literature, vol. 1, by Brian Murdoch, Malcolm Read (eds.), 344 p. (2004)
The Germanic Realms in Pre-Carolingian Central Europe 400-750, by Herbert Schutz, 472 p. (2000)
Kings and Kingdoms of Early Anglo-Saxon England, by Barbara Yorke, 224 p. (1997)
The Roman Empire and Its Germanic Peoples, by Herwig Wolfram, Thomas Dunlap, 361 p. (1997)
Barbarians and Romans, A.D. 418-584, by Walter A. Goffart, 296 p. (1987)
Germanic Warrior: AD 236-568, by Simon MacDowall, Angus McBride, 64 p. (1996)
Tacitus: Germania, by Cornelius Tacitus, J. D. Rives, 360 p. (1999)

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