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Culture fact
10 German-speaking authors
have won the Nobel Prize for
literature -- most recently,
the Austrian Elfriede Jelinek
in 2004 and German Günter
Grass in 2000.

Das Goethe-Schiller-Denkmal in Weimar (1857)
The Goethe-Schiller Monument
in Weimar pays tribute to two of
Germany's most significant authors.

Culture fact
Goethe's novel Die Leiden des
jungen Werthers
(1774) was an
instant international success. It
found imitators in many forms:
men imitating Werther's style of
dress, paintings of scenes from
the book, Werther-themed
poetry, and -- unfortunately -- in
imitation of the protagonist's
fate, a wave of copycat
suicides across Europe.

Culture fact
In the 19th-century children's
book Struwwelpeter, a thumb-
sucking child gets his thumb
cut off by a man with
giant scissors.

Der Struwwelpeter by Heinrich Hoffmann
Buy Struwwelpeter

Culture fact
The Grimm brothers first
collected and recorded folk
and fairy tales not to provide
entertainment for children
but rather as a part of their
life's work in the field
of German philology.

Culture fact
Germans start learning English
in the 3rd grade. In the 5th
grade, they may add a second
language to their course
schedule, and in the 7th grade,
they may choose to take up a
third language as well.

Culture fact
As the name suggests,
is a
German invention.

German Books & Software (6)

German literature

Dual-language Books
Goethe's Faust, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, trans. Walter Kaufmann, 512 p. (1962)
Five Great German Short Stories / Fünf Deutsche Meistererzählungen: A Dual-Language Book, ed. Stanley Applebaum, 240 p. (1993)
Great Stories by Kafka and Rilke / Meistererzählungen von Kafka und Rilke: A Dual-Language Book, ed. Stanley Applebaum, 240 p. (2003)
Great German Poems of the Romantic Era: A Dual-Language Book, by Stanley Applebaum (ed.), 272 p. (1995)
The Sorrows of Young Werther / Die Leiden Des Jungen Werther: Die Leiden Des Jungen Werther: A Dual-Language Book, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 209 p. (2004)
103 Great Poems / 103 Meistergedichte: A Dual-Language Book, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 237 p. (1999)
Selected Folktales / Ausgewählte Märchen: A Dual-Language Book, by Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm, 256 p. (2003)
Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Selections) /Also sprach Zarathustra: A Dual-Language Book, by Friedrich Nietzsche, 240 p. (2005)
Death in Venice & A Man and His Dog /Der Tod in Venedig & Herr und Hund, by Thomas Mann, 283 p. (2001)
Best Short Stories / Die schönsten Erzählungen: A Dual-Language Book, by Franz Kafka, 208 p. (1997)
Siddhartha: A Dual-Language Book, by Hermann Hesse, 175 p. (1998)
Demian: A Dual-Language Book, by Hermann Hesse, 237 p. (2002)

Literary Works & Collections of Literature

An Anthology of German Novellas, by Siegfried Weing (ed.), 304 p. (2003)
Deutsche Sagen und Legenden: A Collection of Legends from the German-Speaking World, by Herb Kernecker, Hyde Flippo, 152 p. (1998)
Mitlesen Mitteilen : Literarische Texte zum Lesen, Sprechen, Schreiben und Hören (with audio CD), by Larry D. Wells, Rosmarie T. Morewedge, 272 p. (2003)
Die Bibel, the complete German Bible translation of Martin Luther, 1470 p. (2001)
Der Besuch der Alten Dame, by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, 223 p. (1960)
Der Richter und sein Henker, by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, 191 p. (1964)
Die Physiker, by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, 188 p. (1965)
Biedermann und die Brandstifter. Ein Lehrstück mit einem Nachspiel, by Max Frisch, 198 p. (1963)
Die Verwandlung, by Franz Kafka (1960)

About German literature
The Oxford Companion to German Literature, by Mary Garland and Henry Garland, 951p. (1997)
The Cambridge History of German Literature, by Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly (ed.), 626 p. (2000) REVIEW: This is a mixture as striking as the editor's hyphenated surname. This will be a standard reference book of all German, Swiss German, and Austrian literature. The roster of contributors is very impressive, as is the result. Though the book reflects our current time, with its revised estimates of the contribution of women writers and a reassessment of Nazi and certain other works, it will last a long time." Bibliotheque d'Humanismer Renaissance "Given its scope as the first complete German literary reference work of its kind covering the most current trends in contemporary literature and criticism into the 1990's, The Cambridge History of German Literature is surprisingly lucid, readable, and accessible to beginning and advanced literary scholars. It serves comparatists well, casting a backward glance on pre-1990 literature through its geopoloitical and economic lenses of reunification and hegemony. Review by Amy Anderson, The Boston Book Review
A New History of German Literature, by David E. Wellbery & Judith Ryan, eds., 1032 p. (2005)
Encyclopedia of German Literature, by Matthias Konzett, 1136 p. (2000)
The Feminist Encyclopedia of German Literature, by Frederike Eigler & Susanne Kord (eds.), 696 p. (1997)
Women Writers in German-Speaking Countries, by Elke P. Frederiksen & Elizabeth G. Ametsbichler (eds.), 600 p. (1998)
A History of Women's Writing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Jo Catling(ed.), 414 p. (1999)
A Concise History of German Literature to 1900, by Kim Vivian, 384 p. (1992)

German books & software for children

Learning German
German is Fun: Lively Lessons for Beginners, Book 1, by Elsie M. Szecsy, 454 p. (1993)
A basic text that helps children achieve beginning communicative skills. Lessons are fun, clear and motivate students to learn and use the language using many visual cues, entertaining narratives, and personalized practice. The book provide enough materials for a one-year course.
German is Fun: Lively Lessons for Advancing Students, Book 2, by Margrit Diehl, 464 p. (1998)
Book 2 continues the program and approach started in Book 1. Vocabulary is introduced in a real context. Contextualized, communicative exercises and activities that provide opportunities for partner and group work.
German: Second and Third Years, by Harry F. Reinert and Walter Kleinmann, 460 p. (1994)
Put out by the same publisher as the German is Fun series, this book gives students a thorough review of German structures and culture and extensive and systematic language practice. Exercises address a variety of learning techniques and recycle vocabulary frequently. This book gives student a thourough grounding in speaking, listening, reading, and writing and is suitable for preparing students for comprehensive examinations in German.
Berlitz Kids German Language Pack, ages 4 to 8, by Berlitz Publishing (1998)
Bilingual Baby, Vol 3: GERMAN  (2000)
Teach Me German: A Musical Journey Through the Day, book & audio CD, by Judy Mahoney. (1999)
German for Children, ages 4 to 8, by Catherine Bruzzone, 80 p. (2003)
Let's Learn German Coloring Book, by Anne-Francoise Hazzan, 64 p. (1986)
Learn in Your Car for Kids German: On the Way to the Fest Activity Kit, audio CD & book (2004)

Picture Dictionaries
Just Look 'n Learn German Picture Dictionary, by Daniel J. Hochstatter, 96 p. (2003)
1,000 German Words, ages 9 to 12, by Berlitz Publishing, 64 p. (1998)
Berlitz German Picture Dictionary, by Berlitz Publishing, 128 p. (1998)
Berlitz Kid's German Picture Dictionary, ages 4 to 8, by Berlitz Publishing, 128 p. (2004)
The Usborne Book of Everyday Words in German, ages 4 to 8 by Jo Litchfield, Rebecca Treays, et al., 47 p. (1999)
German Dictionary for Beginners, by Angela Wilkes, 128 p. (2003)
German Picture Word Book, by Hayward Cirker, Barbara Steadman, 32 p. (1994)
First Thousand Words in German: With Internet-Linked Pronunciation Guide, by Heather Amery, Stephan Cartwright, 64 p. (2004)
Usborne First Hundred Words in German, by Heather Amery, Stephen Cartwright, et al., 32 p. (2003)
First German Word Book (Farmyard Tales First Words), by Heather Amery, Stephan Cartwright, et al., 48 p. (2003)
Let's Learn German Picture Dictionary, by Marlene Goodman, Passport Books (1991)

Pit und Pat: Penguin Pete and Pat (German Edition), by Marcus Pfister. (1992)
Kleiner Eisbar, Wohin fährst du? / Ahoy There Little Polar Bear (German Edition), by Hans De Beer. (1992)
A Visit to Grandma: German-English: Adventures With Nicholas (Adventures With Nicholas Series), by Chris L. Demarest, 64 p. (1997)
Berlitz Kids German: The Five Crayons: Adventures With Nicholas (Nicholas Series), by Chris Demarest (1998)
Die Geschichte von Peterchen Hase: Ein buntes Märchenbuch, by Beatrix Potter, Anna Pomaska (1995)
Rotkäppchen / Red-Riding Hood (Lesen leicht gemacht), by Elena Staiano, 24 p. (2004)
Die drei kleinen Schweinchen / The Three Little Pigs (Lesen leicht gemacht) (2004)
Der kleine Prinz (German), Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 104 p. (2001)
Die Feldmaus und die Stadtmaus / The Country Mouse and the City Mouse (Lesen leicht gemacht), by Jim Davis (1999)

German Culture
Germany and German, by Janine Amos, Kim Woolley, 32 p. (1993)
If I Lived in Germany ..., by Rosanne Knorr, John Knorr, 34 p. (1995)
Look What Came from Germany, by Kevin Davis, 32 p. (2000)
Look What Came From Austria, by Kevin Davis, 32 p. (2003)
Look What Came From Switzerland, by Miles Harvey, 32 p. (2003)
Germany (Food & Festivals), ages 4-8, by Mike Hirst, 32 p. (1999)
German-American Heritage, for young adults, by Irene M. Franck, 160 p. (1988)
German Americans (Spirit of America Our Cultural Heritage), ages 9-12, by C. Ann Fitterer, 32 p. (2002)
German Immigrants, ages 9-12, by Lisa Trumbauer, 96 p. (2004)
Why German Immigrants Came to America, ages 9-12, by Lewis K. Parker, 24 p. (2003)

Software & Multimedia

Bilingual Baby German

video, using the Total
Immersion method

Vocabulary Builder - Learn German: for Children 4 & up, CD-ROM

Teach Your Baby German, audio CD & booklet (2002)

Language Excelerator
, K-6, 5-in-1 language game: German, French, Spanish, Italian, English. CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

KidSpeak 6-in-1 Languages
KidSpeak 6-in-1 Language Learning
CD-ROM, by Transparent Language (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Hebrew)

German: Language Learning Card Games with Cassette(s) (2004)

Teach Me German: A Musical Journey Through the Day, book & audio CD (1999)

Teach Me More German: A Musical Journey Through the Year, book & audio CD (1999)

Kids' German
, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.


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