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Annett Louisan

Music style: Pop
Dates: born 1979 in Havelberg (former East Germany)

Born in East Germany, Annett Louisan moved to Hamburg with her mother following the reunification of Germany. Her interest in painting and music led her to enter the univeristy to study art. She financed her education with part time work as a back-up singer for various studio recordings. Through her studio work, she came in contact with diverse musical genres and learned to play the guitar. A demo that she put together with the help of some musician friends gained the attention of Sony's 105 Music label and music producer Frank Ramond, who agreed to write the lyrics for her songs. The result of their collaboration was her first album Bohème (2004) that climbed straight into the Top 10 of the German LP charts and went platinum. The single "Das Spiel" reached Number 5. She rode the wave of her initial success with her second LP Unausgesprochen (2005), which also found its way into Germany's Top 10 album charts. She took home the 2005 Echo award for best German female artist.

Lousian's musical style is a blend of pop and chanson with a tinge of jazz. Just under 5 feet tall and with a look of childlike innocence, the young star radiates guilelessness in her sweet, melodic voice but shocks and surprises with her saucy lyrics. She is often called coquettish; her image is one that is a curious blend of naïve girlishness and tempting seductress. She has even been compared to Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich.

Annett Louisan CDs

Das optimale Leben (2007) | LISTEN
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Unausgesprochen (2005) | LISTEN
TRACKS: 1.Das große Erwachen (...und jetzt...) | 2.Torsten Schmidt | 3.Chancenlos | 4.Gedacht ich sage Nein | 5.Eve | 6.Läuft alles perfekt | 7.Wo ist das Problem? | 8.Er gehörte mal mir | 9.Die Lösung | 10.Der den ich will | 11.Vielleicht | 12.Widder wider Willen | 13.Beerdigung | 14.Ausgesprochen unausgesprochen | 15.Was hast Du vor?

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Bohème (2004) | LISTEN
TRACKS: 1.Das Spiel | 2.Die Lüge | 3.Die Dinge | 4.Das Gefühl | 5.Daddy | 6.Die Katze | 7.Der Schöne | 8.Die Gelegenheit | 9.Der Blender | 10.Die Trägheit | 11.Die Formel | 12.Das Liebeslied | 13.Das Spiel (Radiomix)

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Interesting Facts About Annett Louisan
• The singer was born Annett Säge. Lousian is a stage name derived from her grandmother's name Louise.

• In December 2004, Annett Louisan married Gazi Isikatli, an economics student from Turkey, in a private ceremony with close family in the groom's homeland, though -- in an effort to shield her personal life from becoming public spectacle -- she didn't admit it publicly until several months later.

Annett Louisan Weblinks

Annett Louisan [German] - Official webpage
Annett Louisan Fanclub [German] - Official fan club webpage

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