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© BAP / Photo: Tina Niedecken

German Music:


Music style: Rock
Band members: Wolfgang Niedecken, Klaus "Major" Heuser (until 1999), Alexander "Effendi" Büchel (until 1999), Hans "Fonz" Wollrath (until 1999), "Schmal" Boecker (until 1995), Steve Borg (until 1995), Werner Kopal (from 1996), Jens Streifling (from 1996), Mario Argandona (from 1996), Helmut Krumminga (from 1999), Michael Nass (from 1999), Jürgen Zöller, Werner Kopal.

The band BAP is one of the best know German rock bands and was one of the first German bands to reject the idea widely accepted in the 60s and 70s that a band had to sing in English to be successful. They are in fact known not only for their German lyrics, but for composing and singing in the dialect of their native Cologne. Their name comes from co-founder Wolfgang Niedecken's nickname "Bap", which means "father" or "daddy" in their Cologne dialect.

The content and style of their music are influenced by musical greats such as Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. BAP experienced their greatest successes in the early 80s singing about common themes derived from daily life. Between 1982 and 1990, 7 of their albums reached number one on the German LP charts. Even in the 90s, 5 of their LPs reached number one or two on the charts. The band went on several tours through Europe, including one through the former Soviet Union in 1989.

After their 20th anniversary tour in 1999, three members -- Major, Effendi, and Fonz -- left the band. Major wanted to devote more attention to his career as a producer, composer and solo artist, and Effendi planned to finally finish his degree in mechanical engineering. Major's departure in particular was a great loss; he had been with BAP almost since its inception. Niedecken was determined to keep the band alive, however, and despite the substantial change in band membership over the years, the band still continues to put out albums and go on tour. In 2002, the band released a new live album and DVD called Övverall, and in 2004 they released Sonx, which reached number three on the LP charts.

In 2000, a meeting between Niedecken and internationally acclaimed film director Wim Wenders led to discussions about a video collaboration for one of the band's new songs. After Wenders heard the album, he suggested making a full-length film about the band. The road movie Viel passiert, which contains clips and episodes from the band's 25 years in and around Cologne and Germany, appeared in 2003.


Wahnsinn-die Hits Von'79-'95 | LISTEN
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Dreimal zehn Jahre (2005) | 2 CDs | LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Sonx (2004) | LISTEN
TRACKS: 1. Wie, wo und wann? | 2. Jedenfalls vermess | 3. Rövver noh Tanger | 4. Für Maria | 5. Ich wünsch mir, do wöhrs he | 6. Wann immer du nit wiggerweiss | 7. Et es vorbei | 8. Unger Krahnebäume | 9. Jedanke em Treibsand | 10. Ein für allemohle | 11. Unger Linde enn Berlin | 12. Absolut ziellos | 13. Einfach ussortiert | 14. Die Welt ess jrausam
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Live - Övverall (2002) | LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Aff un Zoo (2001) || LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Tonfilm (1999) || LISTEN
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Comics and Pin-Ups (1999) || LISTEN
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Amerika (1996) | LISTEN
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Wahnsinn: Die Hits vom 79-95 (1995) || LISTEN
TRACKS: 1.Lass se doch reden | 2.Verdamp lang her | 3.Ne schöne Jrooss |
4.Anna | 5.Ich danz met Dir | 6.Do kanns zaubere | 7.Kristallnaach | 8.Widderlich | 9.Helfe kann Dir keiner | 10.Paar Daach fröher | 11.Alexandra, nit nur Do | 12.Ahl Männer, aalglatt | 13.Fortsetzung folgt | 14.Alles em Lot | 15.Wahnsinn | 16.Waschsalon | 17.Wellenreiter
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Pik Sibbe (1993) || LISTEN
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Live - Affrocke (1992) || LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

X für'e U (1990)
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Da Capo (1988) || LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Ahl Maenner, aalglatt (1986) || LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Zwesche Salzjeback Un Bier (1984) || LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Bess Denmähx (1983) | LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Vun Drinne noh Drusse (1982) || LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Für Usszeschnigge (1981) || LISTEN
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Affjetaut (1980) | LISTEN
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BAP rockt andere Kölsche Leeder (1979)
Buy CD at AMAZON  

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Interesting BAP Facts
• BAP is an amazingly prolific and successful band: Since 1982, the group has produced 16 albums, all but one of which have been Top 10 albums and 7 of which made it to #1 on the German album charts.

• In 1982, BAP opened two shows for the Rolling Stones in Cologne.

• In 1984, BAP played a gig with the Kinks.

• The rock band BAP is best known for writing and singing songs in their distinctive Cologne dialect, at a time when dialects were considered appropriate in only folk and traditional music.

Books about BAP

BAP övver BAP
, by BAP, 160p. (1985) [in German] | Search for book at AMAZON | Find book at alibris
BAP övver China, by Gerhard Hirschfeld, 207p. (1989) [in German] | Search for book at AMAZON | Find book at alibris
Wolfgang Niedecken und BAP. In eigenen Worten, by Wolfgang Niedecken, Jörg-Peter Klotz (1999) [in German] | Search for book at AMAZON | Find book at alibris

BAP Weblinks

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 BAP-Fan - [German] Chrischi's BAP fan pages
 BAP USA - [English] BAP fan page, updated infrequently.

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