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Band biography of Die Toten Hosen:
Bis zum Bitteren Ende:
Die Toten Hosen erzählen ihre Geschichte

by Bertram Job

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Book of sheet music & lyrics
from the album Unsterblich
Die Toten Hosen: Unsterblich
Arrangiert für Gitarre, Klavier
und Gesang

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© Thorsten Buhe / YAM 47 (2002)

German Music:

Die Toten Hosen

Music style: Punk rock
Band Members: Andreas "Campino" Frege (singer), Andreas "Breiti" Breitkopf (guitar), Walter November (guitar until 1983), Andreas "Kuddel" von Holst (guitar), Andreas "Andi" Meurer (bass), Klaus-Dieter "Trini" Trimpop (drums until 1985, thereafter band manager), Wolfgang "Wölli" Rohde (drums until 1999), Vom Ritchie (drums since 1999)
Name means: "The Dead Pants" (Amer.); "The Dead Trousers" (Brit.)

The German punk band Die toten Hosen formed in Düsseldorf in the early 1980s as part of the German punk movement out the predecessor groups ZK and KFC. While the band's early music was fun and nonsensical, they began to take on political and social issues by the end of the decade, using their music to combat such social problems as racism. Their political-minded punk rock gained them increasing popularity in the alternative scene. Over time their style has also migrated from pure punk to more of a hybrid between punk and hard rock.

Since the band's inception, the five members have performed several hundred concerts and have produced a myriad of albums. Having played concerts all over Europe and South America and in parts of Asia as well as in the US and Australia, die toten Hosen is one of the few German bands known outside of the German-speaking world. They have opened for such bands as AC/DC, U2 and the Rolling Stones and have played alongside Therapy? and Green Day. Five of their albums have made it to number 1 on the German LP charts. Their biggest hit single to date is the drinking song "Zehn kleine Jägermeister" ("10 Little Jägermeisters"), which held the number 1 spot in the German singles charts for four weeks and remained in the top 10 for a total of 13 weeks in late 1996 and early 1997.

Bouts of bad luck have plagued the band since their 1000th concert in 1997: the death of a 16-year-old fan at that very concert in Düsseldorf, the collapse of the stage at a performance in Buenos Aires, the drummer's herniated disk as a result of car accident, and Campino's seriously torn ligaments that resulted in the cancellation of 70 concerts. Nonetheless, the band has been able to overcome misfortune and their 2002 Auswartespiel tour was one of their most successful ever. In July 2005, they performed at the international Live-8 festival. In September 2005, the band also performed an MTV Unplugged concert at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

Die Toten Hosen CDs

Nur zu Besuch: Unplugged in Wiener Burgtheater (2005) | LISTEN
TRACKS: 1.Blitzkrieg Bop | 2.Opel-Gang | 3.Auswärtsspiel | 4.Popmusik | 5.Nichts bleibt für die Ewigkeit | 6.Hier kommt Alex | 7.The Guns Of Brixton | 8.Das Mädchen aus Rottweil | 9.Der letzte Kuss | 10.Wünsch Dir was | 11.Der Bofrost Mann | 12.Böser Wolf | 13.Pushed Again | 14.Weltmeister | 15.Alles aus Liebe | 16.Freunde | 17.Nur zu Besuch | 18.Hand In Hand | 19.Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder | 20.Schönen Gruß, Auf Wiederseh'n

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Zurück zum Glück (2004) | LISTEN
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Reich und Sexy II - Die fetten Jahre (2002) | 2 CDs || LISTEN
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Auswärtespiel (2002) || LISTEN
TRACKS: 1.Du lebst nur einmal (vorher) | 2.Schlampe | 3.Was zählt | 4.Auswärtsspiel | 5.Cokane In My Brain | 6.Graue Panther | 7.Tier | 8.Kanzler sein ... | 9.Das Mädchen aus Rottweil | 10.Dankbar | 11.Nur zu Besuch | 12.Daydreaming | 13.Steh auf, wenn Du am Boden bist | 14.Amanita Phalloides | 15.Depression Deluxe | 16.Schwimmen | 17.Venceremos - Wir werden siegen | 18.Kein Alkohol (Ist auch keine Lösung)
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Crash Landing (1999) |
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Unsterblich (1999) || LISTEN
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Die roten Rosen: Wir warten auf's Christkind (1998) | LISTEN
Punk versions of favorite Christmas carols by the Toten Hosen under the guise of their alter ego, Die roten Rosen.
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Opium fürs Volk (1996) || LISTEN
TRACKS: 1.Vater Unser | 2.Mensch | 3.Die Fliege | 4.Die zehn Gebote | 5.Böser Wolf | 6.Nichts bleibt für die Ewigkeit | 7.Ewig währt am Laengsten (Dub) | 8.Und so weiter | 9.Bonnie & Clyde | 10.Der Froschkönig | 11.XTC | 12.Lügen | 13.Paradies | 14.Und wir leben | 15.Er denkt, sie denkt | 16.Seelentherapie | 17.Viva la Revolution | 18.Zehn kleine Jägermeister
Buy CD at AMAZON  

Im Auftrag des Herrn (1996) | LIVE || LISTEN
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  Musik war ihr Hobby (1995) | BOX SET
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Love, Peace & Money (1994) || LISTEN
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Reich & Sexy (1993) |
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Kauf mich! (1993) || LISTEN
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Learning English - Lesson One (1991) |
REVIEW: This loving tribute to the sounds of '77 by a veteran German band will wring a nostalgic tear out of punk diehards everywhere. The 19 covers salute a motley crew of period luminaries--The Vibrators, The Adverts, The Damned, Eddie & The Hot Rods, and Sham 69 included--and each features a guest turn by the original artists. The late Johnny Thunders crooning "Born to Lose," Captain Sensible reviving "Smash It Up," and a killer "Do Anything You Wanna Do" are worth the price of admission alone. ~ Review by Jeff Bateman
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Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Glück (1990) | 2 CDs |
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Ein kleines bißchen Horrorschau (1988) || LISTEN
TRACKS:1.Hier kommt Alex | 2.1000 gute Gründe | 3.Ein Schritt zuviel | 4.Keine Ahnung | 5.Die Farbe grau | 6.180 Grad | 7.Mehr davon | 8.Zahltag | 9.35 Jahre | 10.Musterbeispiel | 11.Testbild | 12.Bye, bye, Alex
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Never Mind The Hosen -- Here's Die Roten Rosen (1987) | LISTEN
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Bis zum bitteren Ende - Live! (1987) | LISTEN
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Damenwahl (1986) | LISTEN
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Unter falscher Flagge (1984) | LISTEN
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Opel-Gang (1983) | LISTEN
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Interesting Facts About Die Toten Hosen
• Apart from meaning "dead pants", the slang expression "tote Hose" in German can mean "nothing doing" or can be used to denote that something is boring or uneventful.

• Because three of the band members were named Andreas, they each took on nicknames to avoid confusion.

• Over the years fans have invited the band by mail to play private parties and concerts for next to nothing. Hosts need only to pay for travel costs and sustenance and to provide a place for the band to sleep.

• Die Toten Hosen, whose members are loyal fans of their home soccer team Fortuna Düsseldorf, sponsered the team between 2001 and 2003 when the club was having financial difficulties.

Die Toten Hosen Weblinks

Die Toten Hosen [German and English] - Official webpage
Die Toten Hosen [German] - Fan webpage with news, interviews, lyrics, more.

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