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Element of Crime

Music style: Rock
Band members: Sven Regener (guitar, trumpet, piano), Jakob Friedrichs, Uwe Bauer (drums, until 1986), Jürgen Fabritus (saxophone, until 1986), Richard Pappig (drums, from 1986), David Young (guitar, bass, from 1993), Paul Lukas (bass, until 1995), Christian Hartje (bass, 1995-2002).

Regener -- who is known by many as the author of the book and film entitled "Herr Lehmann" -- and Friedrichs met as members of the punk band "Neue Liebe". They left to form Element of Crime in Berlin in 1985, a band that is known for its jazzy, melancholy rock songs.

Their first successes came in 1987, when the band sold 10,000 albums and they had their first big tour outside of Berlin. Thereafter, however, their success languished, so they decided to reform their music by writing their songs in German rather than English. Their first German-only album appeared in 1991. The change in approach proved to be the right choice. In 1992, they were the opening band for Herbert Grönemeyer and the following year they made it into the music charts for the very first time. Some changes in band membership followed, and in 2000 and 2001, they worked on music for theater and film. Element of Crimes's continued live performances and their new album in 2005 ought to be enough to quell recent speculation about the band's breakup -- at least for the time being.

Element of Crime CDs

Mittelpunkt der Welt (2005) | LISTEN
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1991-1996 (2002) | LISTEN
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1985-1990 (2002) | LISTEN
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Romantik (2001) | LISTEN
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Psycho (1999) | LISTEN
TRACKS: 1.Ich war nicht dabei | 2.Ferien von dir | 3.Jetzt musst du springen | 4.Michaela sagt | 5.Jung und schön | 6.Alles was blieb | 7.Du hast mir gesagt | 8.Nicht dein Tag | 9.So wie du | 10.Kavallerie | 11.Weil es schön war
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Die schönen Rosen (1995) | LISTEN
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An einem Sonntag im April (1994) | LISTEN
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Weißes Papier (1993) | LISTEN
TRACKS: 1.Mehr als sie erlaubt | 2.Draußen hinterm Fenster | 3.Weißes Papier | 4.Schwere See | 5.Und du wartest | 6.Du hast die Wahl | 7.Sperr mich ein | 8.Immer unter Strom | 9.Das alles kommt mit | 10.Sommerschlußverkauf der Eitelkeit | 11.Alten Resten eine Chance
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Damals hinterm Mond (1991) | LISTEN
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Live: Crime Pays (1990) || LISTEN
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The Ballad of Jimmy & Johnny (1989) | LISTEN
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Freedom, Love and Happiness (1988) | LISTEN
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Try to be Mensch (1987) | LISTEN
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Basically Sad (1986) | LISTEN
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