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Blümchen, aka Jasmin Wagner

Music style: Dance / Pop
Dates: born 1980 in Hamburg
Name means: "Little Blossom"

The daughter of a German father and a Croatian mother, Blümchen's career began in 1995 at the age of 15 when she was discovered at a New German Wave party. Though her rise to popstardom was rapid, her star didn't crash and burn as is so often the case with overnight pop stars. She made it onto the music charts in over 30 countries. In Asian countries she became popular under the English rendition of her stage name, "Blossom".

With 9 albums, 17 singles, and 4 concert tours under her belt by 2000, Blümchen gave up her girlish stage name and took a brief hiatus from singing. She took on some work in television, including as a host of Mini Playback Show for RTL, and played a few minor film roles, including that of a racing fan in the Sylvester Stallone movie Driven. In 1998, she became the official Tommy Girl, representing the Tommy Hilfiger line of clothing products in Germany. She also has her own line of cosmetics, called Jamila, which she launched in 2002. She is an outspoken vegetarian and an avid supporter and fundraiser for animal rights groups such as Dolphin Conservation Society and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. She has also been involved in charity fundraisers for such things as the Indian Ocean tsunami relief efforts and children's cancer awareness.

Among all her other activities, the accomplished singer found time to stage a musical comeback under her real name, Jasmin Wagner, in 2002. An album is in the works for 2006 with the tentative title Männer brauchen Liebe.

Blümchen / Jasmin Wagner CDs

Die Versuchung (2006) | LISTEN
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Best of Blümchen (2003) | 3 CDs | LISTEN
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Die Welt gehört dir (2000) || LISTEN
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Für immer und ewig - Das Beste von Blümchen (2000) | 2 CDs | LISTEN
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Live in Berlin (1999) || LISTEN
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Heut ist mein Tag (1999) |
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Jasmin (1998) || LISTEN
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Verliebt (1997) || LISTEN
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Herzfrequenz (1996) | LISTEN
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Interesting Facts About Jasmin Wagner
• Jasmin Wagner is a proud vegetarian.

• At 18, she became the youngest prime-time television show host ever in Germany when she became the host of the 11th season of the Mini Playback Show on RTL.

• Jasmin is a big fan of Udo Jürgens.

• She conducted an exculsive interview with Jim Carrey for the magazine Bunte on the occasion of the appearance of his film The Grinch.

Jasmin Wagner Weblinks

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