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German Magazines & Newspapers

German Magazines

Germany is one of the largest magazine markets in Europe: Nearly 6000 journal and magazine titles are published there! Needless to say, the print media play an important role in German culture.

Why German magazines?

A German magazine subscription is a great way to get a "hands-on" cultural and linguistic experience. Magazines provide theme-oriented usage of authentic language, offer ample culturally and thematically relevant images to support understanding, and provide cultural education in both obvious and subtle ways. These include, for example, cultural perspectives evident in articles, photographs, structural and organizational differences in layout, and advertising trends. Perhaps best of all, magazines exist that speak to nearly every interest group. And they offer current information and perspectives on an ongoing basis.

Where to find German language magazines

Many German magazines have free online editions, so you can view digital issues regularly, though these often don't include all the same features contained in the full print editions. If you like reading magazines in general, selectively subscribing to just one or two that fit your interests could be well worth the cost. You can examine and use print issues in ways you cannot an online edition. And there is just something satisfying about being able to hold the real thing in your hands. Browsing the online editions before subscribing is a good way to see if the magazine appeals to your interests.

Sources of German-language magazines used to be few and far between, but now there are a handful of companies that cater to consumers seeking foreign media. Because the majority of German-language magazines must be shipped to North America from overseas and in a timely manner, subscriptions to the United States and Canada typically cost more than subscriptions within Europe. As with other German media, seems to beat the competition in both range of magazines and in price. Though descriptions of the German language magazines they offer are sparse, Amazon provides access to 100s of German magazines, trade journals, and newpapers. If you're looking for a specific magazine subscription, you can search here, or if you can browse the selection of German magazine subscriptions they offer.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the pre-screening work we've already done for you. You can browse some of the more popular and interesting German magazines below. We've included links to online editions, where available.

The German Press: Introduction to the print media in Germany. From the Goethe Institut. [In English or German]
German newspapers & magazines: An overview from Facts about Germany by the German government. [In English or German]

German Magazines Published in Europe

Note: Please be aware that European cultures generally have fairly liberal attitudes when it comes to the human body, nudity, and sex. Open displays of the human body are considered normal, natural, and not an object of offense or shame. Any of the magazines below may contain images that people of other cultures may find inappropriate or offensive.

Der Spiegel
The German weekly news magazine since 1947. 52 issues / yr.

Popular German weekly news magazine. Spiegel's competition since 1993. 52 issues / yr.


Der Stern 
Germany's most popular news weekly known for its excellent photography. 52 issues / yr.

Weekly entertainment magazine touching on a broad array of topics. 52 issues / yr.

Freizeit Revue
Weekly entertainment news magazine with info on celebrities, health, fashion, money and puzzles. 52 issues / yr.
Neue Post Neue Post
Weekly entertainment news magazine reporting on the lives of the rich and famous. 52 issues / yr.

Germany's leading film magazine, issued monthly. 12 issues / yr.


Monthy magazine on music news, concerts, festivals and more. 12 issues / yr.


Weekly magazine on economics and business topics. 52 issues / yr.

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Harvard Business Manager
German-language management journal
with articles translated from Harvard Business Review and original German-language articles. 12 issues / yr.


Focus Money
Weekly magazine on topics of money, investing, economics, politics, taxes, and business. 51 issues / yr.

Manager Magazin
Monthly magazine about business and the economy. 12 issues / yr.


German magazine for computers and communications. 12 issues / yr.

Spektrum der Wissenschaft
Provides overview of ongoing developments into research, science and technology and their social relevance. 26 issues / year.


National Geograpic
German edition of the famed magazine that explores the many cultures and wonders of the world. 12 issues / yr.


German magazine that focuses on scientific subjects: practical science, technology, sociology, natural history, and psychology. Reports from around the world. 12 issues / yr.


Essen & Trinken
Monthly cooking magazine for busy lifestyles integrating seasonal ingredients. 12 issues / yr.

Meine Familie und ich
Monthly magazine devoted to modern and healthy nutrition with recipes and menus. 12 issues / yr.


Kicker Sportmagazin
Twice weekly reviews of past and upcoming Bundesliga and 2. Liga soccer matches. 104 issues / yr.

Bi-weekly motorcycle magazine. 26 issues / yr.


Bike (German edition)
Monthly magazine devoted to mountain biking.

Auto Zeitung
Bi-weekly magazine reports automotive developments, industry news, formula racing, special events and much more. 26 issues / yr.


Elle Decoration (German ed.)
Home decorating magazine, 6 issues / yr.

Reader's Digest (German ed.: Das Beste für Deutschland)
Besides translations from the English edition, contains many original articles and stories often adapted to German culture. 12 issues / yr.


Living at Home (German ed.)
Monthly home, garden, kitchen, and entertaining magazine. 12 issues / yr.
online edition

Bi-monthly magazine features innovative house design from around the world. 6 issues / yr.


Schöner Wohnen
Monthly magazine follows the latest trends in design and architecture. 12 issues / yr.

Showcases interesting and innovative housing designs using examples from all over the world. 6 issues / yr.


Garten & Wohnen
Monthly magazine on home and garden.
12 issues / yr.

Mein schöner Garten
Monthly magazine with gardening advice and information. 12 issues / yr.


Monthly parenting magazine. 12 issues / yr.

Mens Health (German edition)
Monthly men's magazine encompassing issues of fitness, health and well-being. 12 issues / yr.


Popular women's magazine. 26 issues / year. The publisher also prints Brigitte Woman for an older target age group. 26 issues / yr.


Monthly women's magazine focusing on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 12 issues / yr.


Women's magazine with articles on job-related issues, fashion, beauty, entertainment, decorating and traveling. 26 issues / yr.


Weekly for women aged 20 to 35, focuses on entertainment and information about fashion, cosmetics, wellness, decorating, food, and travel. 52 issues / yr.


Cosmopolitan (German edition)
Women's magazine. 12 issues / yr.

Elle (German edition)
Women's magazine. 12 issues / yr.

Geo Lino
Geo magazine for ages 8 to 14 with stories and interesting facts. 12 issues / yr.

Micky Maus Magazin
Children's entertainment magazine with comics, games and puzzles. 12 issues / yr.


German Magazines in & for North America

German Life
A bi-monthly magazine in English on German culture, travel, history, and heritage. Published in the United States. 6 issues / yr.


German World
Bilingual magazine focusing on German culture in North America. 6 issues / yr.


Deutschland (English )
Forum on politics, culture, and business put out by the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. 6 issues / yr.
: German / English
Das Fenster
Features include articles in German on health, gardening, science and technology, travel, & culture. Includes crosswords, humor, and a children's page. 12 issues / yr.


 German magazines: Comprehensive list of published magazines listed by category. [In German]

German Newspapers

78 percent of the German population reads a daily newspaper on a regular basis. Clearly, newspapers are a central part of German life and culture. A few German newspapers published in Europe are obtainable in North America, though they tend to be quite costly. Fortunately, however, a vast array of German newspapers have online editions.

There are also a handful of German-language newspapers published in North America by various cultural and heritage groups. While these tend not to have online editions, subscriptions are easier to come by and are cheaper.

German Newspapers from Europe

Süddeutsche Zeitung
Daily Mon.-Sat. edition. 304 issues/yr.
Based in Münich, appears daily in 150 countries, has highest circulation among Germany's national and internationally distributed newspapers.


  Die Zeit weekly edition. 52 issues / yr.
German national newspaper based in Hamburg. Reports on political, economic, cultural, scientific, and social themes as well as on technology, medicine, education, and sports. Appear on Thursday.

Die Welt
Daily newspaper appearing in 130 countries. Covers current events in politics, economics, and finance, and includes opinion pages, analysis, commentary.


  Frankfurter Allgemeine
Independent daily newspaper, distributed nationally and internationally in 148 countries.

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Financial Times Deutschland
Reports relevant financial news and covers techonological and political trends that affect markets. Easily recognizable due to its salmon-colored paper.


  Frankfurter Rundschau
Regional newspaper for Frankfurt and the surrounding areas.

Germany's business and financial daily, reports business and financial news from Germany and around the globe.

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  Rheinischer Merkur
Weekly newspaper about politics, business, and culture as well as ethical and religious themes.

Berliner Zeitung
Independent newspaper with the widest circulation in Berlin and Brandenburg region.

  Berliner Morgenpost
Traditional newspaper with a focus on events in and around Berlin.

Only Berlin newspaper with consistently increasing subscriber base.

Germany's largest circulation newspaper (4.5 mil. daily). Information and entertainment, tabloid-style format,

Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung
Weekly newspaper with concise news, opinion pieces, entertainment, and current events in Eastern Europe. Covers traditional and historical themes of current relevance.


  Der Kurier
Austria's largest independent daily newspaper. Presents comprehensive, timely information, critical commentary, and intellectual discussion.
Der Standard
Austrian newspaper reporting on economics, politics, culture, and society. 390.000 readers daily.
  Wiener Zeitung
Reports and opinion on poltical, economic, and cultural themes and events. Includes employment, political, business, legal, and religious events and announcements
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Daily Swiss newspaper with strong local roots and national distribution.

  Tages-Zeitung (taz)
One of the leading national newspapers in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland.


German Newspapers in North America

Amerika Woche
Printed weekly with exclusive columns, sports, letters to the editor, crossword puzzle and more. 50 issues / yr.


  Nordamerikanische Wochen-Post
Weekly German language international news, business and economic reports, sports coverage, features, and more, since 1854.

Neue Presse
Weekly highlights of European and international news, trade and industry articles, politics, sports, and other items of interest. 52 issues / yr.

  New Yorker Staats Zeitung
Information and opinion on German-American themes and world events. Includes sports, culture, entertainment. 51 issues / yr.

German-American Journal / Deutsch-Amerikaner
Articles and international, national, and regional news of interest to Americans of German descent. 11 issues / yr.


The German Times
English-language news from Europe . 12 issues / yr.


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