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The Italian Language

Italian is the first language of approximately 70 million people, most of whom reside in the country of Italy, though significant Italian-speaking populations live in 29 other countries around the world. It is also an official language of Switzerland, San Marino, Slovenia, the Vatican City. Of all the major Romance languages, Italian is the closest to Latin. [more...]
Italian Language Resources

Free software for learning Italian: Freeware for download and (almost) free CDs for learning Italian.

Typing special characters in Italian: How to type Italian accents and other special characters in Windows, Mac, and HTML formats.

Online reference tools: The best dictionaries, translators, verb conjugators, grammar explanations, and much, much more.

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Italian cuisine: Gourmet Italian foods -- wines, meats & cheeses, pastas, balsamic vinegars, espresso beans, baking goods, Torani syrups, spumoni, cakes, cookies, more ...

Italian books: The best dictionaries, translators, verb conjugators, grammar explanations, cookbooks, and much, much more.

Italian movies: Browse over 1200 Italian films from the 1930s and 40s to the present.

Italian music: From classical to opera to pop, hit collections and regional favorites. Browse thousands of choices.


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