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The Japanese Language
Japanese, known to native speakers as Nihongo, is spoken by 127 million people, most of whom reside in Japan, though significant Japanese-speaking emigrant populations live in the US and Brazil and other countries. Although etymologically unrelated to Chinese, Japanese is heavily influenced by Chinese through 1500 years of language contact. Influences are evident in the Japanese system of writing (kanji) as well as vocabulary and grammatical similarities. The exact origins of the Japanese language are unknown.... [more]
Japanese Language Resources
All about the Japanese language: Learn about Japanese, its origins, its writing system, and its grammar, Japanese words in English, and more.

Why learn Japanese?: 10 excellent personal and professional reasons to start learning Japanese today.

Japanese books: 10 of the best books for learning Japanese with comprehensive reviews. If you really want to learn Japanese, look no further!

Japanese audio CDs: Audio-only programs for learning conversational Japanese -- in the car, at the gym, on the go, anytime.

Japanese links: Collection of the best free online Japanese language and culture resources.

Free software for learning Japanese: Freeware for download and (almost) free CDs for learning Japanese.

Rosetta Stone Japanese Level I & II Set
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Transparent Japanese Premium Edition
Japanese Premium
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English-Japanese Translator
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Japanese Products
Japanese-Speaking Culture
Japanese books for all ages and interests.

The hottest Japanese music & Japanese movies

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Japan-Guide Forum: Useful discussions on Japanese culture and customs.

Japan Guide: Informative pages about Japanese culture, including foods, manners & etiquette, doing business in Japan, travel to Japan, and more.

Japanese Lifestyle: Lots of information about Japanese culture, including fashion, music, art, holidays & festivals, and much more.

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