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Japanese audio CDs

The best audio programs for learning Japanese

If you ever intend to converse in Japanese, you will need to practice listening and speaking. Self-paced audio programs are a stress-free, guided method of immersing yourself in Japanese sounds and developing your oral communication skills in Japanese. We have reviewed several audio-only Japanese programs and find those listed here to be among the most effective and easy to use audio language programs available.

Japanese audio programs | 10 indispensable books for learning Japanese

1 Pimsleur Japanese Level I, II, & III

Pimsleur Japanese Level I
Pimsleur Japanese Level II

Pimsleur Japanese Level III

These CD series offers a unique and painless way to acquire a foundational working knowledge of Japanese. The Pimsleur program uses a proven audio-only immersion method that eases learners into basic conversation. Because it is an audio course, it requires no books, no memorization of charts and tables and lengthy vocabulary lists - just listen and repeat.

Each level provides 16 hours of instruction divided into 30 lessons. You will quickly acquire basic Japanese vocabulary, learn natural language patterns and correct grammar, and develop proper pronunciation. The lessons progress logically and material is repeated throughout the lessons to aid retention. The topics covered are especially useful for those seeking functional ability in conversational Japanese.

The Pimsleur Japanese series works especially well for people who don't learn well from books and detailed grammar explanations. But it also makes an excellent addition to any course of study because it promotes conversational skills, an area that is often lacking in most book-based learning materials.

At full retail price ($100s per level), the Pimsleur series is costly. This doesn't have to be an obstacle, though, since you can usually find it new or used at substantially reduced prices at Amazon. As one of the best and most-respected audio-based language programs on the market, the Pimsleur program is not likely to disappoint you

2 Unforgettable Languages Japanese Level 1 Audio Course

The Unforgettable Language Japanese audio course will have you building sentences in Japanese within 30 minutes. The program uses a unique associative memory aid system to build a basic vocabulary of 400 words -- a memory aid system that you can use to expand your vocabulary long after you have completed the CDs.

Audio is recorded by native speakers. Covered topics in the 10 lessons include: home, family, travel, shopping, numbers, telling time, food and drink, and more. The program also provides short grammar lessons and interactive quizzes to test for mastery at each level.

The Unforgettable Languages Japanese Audio Course is available on 6 audio CDs. | DEMO AUDIO

The Audio Japanese Course is also available in an interactive CD-ROM software version. | DEMO CD-ROM

An abbreviated survival Japanese course is available for immediate download as MP3.

3 Learn in Your Car Japanese: The Complete Language Course

Learn in Your Car Japanese is a complete 3-level program that teaches listeners Japanese pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar without the need for a textbook. The 9 audio CDs make it convenient to learn the language while driving, working out, walking, on the bus, etc.

The program follows a straightforward and logical approach. In each lesson, you will learn simple words and phrases, then discover how to use them to create sentences and engage in real conversation. Each compact lesson focuses on a particular theme. Level I emphasizes basic travel needs, Level II focuses on situations from in daily life, and Level III expands your abilities beyond the mere basics.

The 9 hours of instruction are self-paced and interactive. Recordings are made by professional native speakers. The CD Set comes with 3 listening guides that include the recorded text and notes on grammar that is incorporated within each lesson. The focus on real communication makes this an excellent aid for those seeking to learn basic conversational Japanese.

Japanese audio programs | 10 indispensable books for learning Japanese

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