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Electronic dictionaries & translators

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Why electronic foreign language dictionaries & translators?
Handheld electronic translators -- which can be used as a dictionary but which often have additional functions -- are extremely useful tools for language learners. Such translators have some terrific advantages: They can contain a lot of information in a very compact format. Many contain audio files so users can hear correct pronunciations. Their digital format means that they are fully searchable, unlike a dictionary in a book form. And their small size make them convenient for taking along while traveling or going to class.


Personal Travel Translators

iTRAVL NTL Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary
The new, state-of-the-art handheld iTRAVL NTL translators provide quick translations of 14,000 words and phrases frequently needed when traveling abroad and speak the translation aloud for easy communication. For this reason, the powerful iTRAVEL NTL communicator functions as a personal interpreter in common travel situations -- checking into a hotel, shopping, banking, and more. You just speak into the device and the translation is spoken back for you! Included is also a comprehensive electronic dictionary with a powerful search function to help you find what you need with ease. Additional features include travel guides, an MP3 player, games, and more. Operates via a hi-resolution touch screen and voice activation. Especially for travelers the device includes a metric converter, calculator, travel guides, multiple time zones, and more. The device is customizable for multiple languages and is connectable to a PC.
Bilingual iTRAVL NTL Translators
English-Albanian (440,000 entries), English-Arabic (643,000 entries), English-Armenian (186,550 entries), English-Bosnian (459,550 entries), English-Bulgarian (464,100 entries), English-Croatian (459,550 entries), English-Czech (470,000+ entries), English-Dutch (496,000 entries), English-Chinese (308,300 entries), English-Estonian (222,950 entries), English-Farsi (437,000 entries), English-Finnish (464,100 entries), English-French (336,700 entries), English-German (383,400 entries), English-Greek (492,000 entries), English-Hebrew (498,000 entries), English-Hindi (308,035 entries), English-Hungarian (464,100 entries), English-Indonesian (304,850 entries), English-Italian (254,100 entries), English-Japanese (427,000 entries), English-Latvian (163,800 entries), English-Lithuanian (304,850 entries), English-Korean (434,000 entries), English-Polish (347,800 entries), English-Portuguese (352,300 entries), English-Romanian (532,350 entries), English-Russian (986,000 entries),English-Serbian (459,550 entries), English-Slovak (459,550 entries), English-Spanish (400,800 entries), English-Swedish (486,000 entries), English-Tagalog (409,550 entries), English-Thai (415,000 entries), English-Turkish (786,000 entries), English-Ukranian (464,100 entries), , English-Vietnamese (919,100 entries).

Bilingual iTRAVL NTL Deluxe Translators
In addition to the features highlighted above, the deluxe translators can scan any printed text directly into the NTL device and translate it instantly bidirectionally.
Chinese-English NTL Deluxe, French-English NTL Deluxe, German-English NTL Deluxe, Italian-English NTL Deluxe, Korean-English NTL Deluxe, Polish-English NTL Deluxe, Portuguese-English NTL Deluxe, Russian-English NTL Deluxe, Spanish-English NTL Deluxe.

Multilingual iTRAVL NTL Translators
ECTACO iTRAVL NTL-9C Talking 2-way Multilingual Language Communicator and Electronic Dictionary. (9 languages / 5.1 million+ words / 70,000 phrases): Comes with English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Customizable to include over 50 different language combinations. Full-text translation, speech-to-speech translation, and language learning tools.

Talking electronic dictionaries
These bilingual dictionaries have all the advantages of handheld electronic dictionaries, with immediate translations of words and phrases, but also feature an advanced speech synthesis function. Translations are provided both in text form and in audio pronunciation. Each also has additional features, including hand-held text scanner, games, business and travel functions, language study aids, optional add-on dictionaries with vocabulary specific to certain occupations, and more.
Bilingual Talking Dictionaries
English-Albanian Talking Partner EAl400T (450,000+ entries)
English-Albanian Talking Electronic Dictionary EAl900 Deluxe, text scanner (697,000 entries)
English-Arabic Talking Electronic Dictionary EA900 Deluxe, text scanner (697,000 words)
English-Bulgarian Talking Electronic Dictionary EB800 (510,000+ entries)
English-Bulgarian Talking Electronic Dictionary EB900 Deluxe, text scanner (515,000+ entries)
English-Chinese Talking Partner EC800 (560,000+ entries)
English-Chinese Talking Electronic Dictionary EC900 Deluxe, text scanner (562,000+ entries)
English-Czech Talking Electronic Dictonary ECz800T (510,000 words)
English-Czech Talking Electronic Dictonary ECz900 Deluxe, text scanner (525,000 words)
English-Croatian Language Teacher ECr800 (505,000 words)
English-Dutch Talking Electronic Dictonary EDu900 Deluxe, text scanner (520,000 words)
English-Farsi Talking Electronic Dictionary EFa900 Deluxe, text scanner (470,000 words)
English-French Talking Electronic Dictionary EF900 Deluxe, text scanner (495,000 words)
English-German Language Teacher EGm900 Deluxe (627,000 entries)
English-Greek Talking Electronic Dictionary EG800 (450,000+ entries)
English-Greek Talking Electronic Dictionary EG900 Deluxe, text scanner (509,000 entries)
English-Hungarian Talking Electronic Dictonary EHu900 Deluxe, text scanner (495,000 words)
English-Italian Talking Electronic Dictionary EI900 Deluxe, text scanner (510,000 words)
English-Japanese Talking Electronic Dictionary EJ900 Deluxe, text scanner (455,000 words)
Talking Dictionary EK900 Deluxe (455,000+ entries)
English-Polish Talking Electronic Dictionary/Audio PhraseBook EP800 (1 million+ words)
English-Polish Talking Electronic Dictionary EP900 Deluxe, text scanner (1 million+ words)
English-Portuguese Language Teacher EPg800 (550,000+ entries)
English-Portuguese Talking Electronic Dictionary EPg900 Deluxe, text scanner (570,000 entries)
English-Romanian Talking Electronic Dictionary/Audio PhraseBook ERm800 (585,000+ words)
English-Romanian Talking Electronic Dictionary ERm900 Deluxe, text scanner (538,000 words)
English-Russian Partner ER800 (1 million+ entries)
English-Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary ER900 Deluxe, text scanner (1.2 million entries)
English-Serbian Language Teacher ESe800 (505,000 words)
English-Slovak Talking Electronic Dictonary ESl900 Deluxe, text scanner (527,000 words)
English-Spanish Talking Partner ES900 Deluxe (1 million+ words)
English-Swedish Talking Electronic Dictonary ESw900 Deluxe, text scanner (527,000 words)
English-Thai Partner ETh800 (450,000+ words)
English-Turkish Talking Electronic Dictonary ET900 Deluxe, text scanner (820,000 words)
English-Vietnamese Talking Electronic Dictionary/Audio PhraseBook EV800 (1 million+ words)
English-Vietnamese Talking Electronic Dictionary EV900 Deluxe, text scanner (967,000 words)

Trilingual Talking Dictionaries
French-English-Arabic Partner EAF430TX (650,000 words)
Hungarian-English-German Partner EGHu430T (450,000 words)
Estonian-English-Russian Partner EER430T (650,000 words)
English-Chinese-Spanish Partner ECS430T (650,000 words).

Multilingual Talking Dictionary
Multilingual West European Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook EW900 Deluxe (3,250,000 words) English-Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese.
Multilingual Universal Talking Electronic Dictionary and Audio PhraseBook 13MT900 (7 million words) English-Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Russian, Chinese

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