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The Spanish Language

With approximately 350 million native speakers, Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. It is spoken in most countries in Central and South America, as well as in Spain, Cuba, and United States. While the official language of 20 countries, it is spoken by groups of various sizes in more than 20 other countries. As an Indo-European language of the Italic branch, Spanish is the linguistic descendant of Latin, the language of the Romans who once occupied the Iberian Peninsula. The language spread throughout the world during Spain's age of colonialism. [more...]

Spanish Language Resources

Why learn Spanish?: 10 Reasons to start learning Spanish today!

Most common Spanish words: Discover the top 100 words in the Spanish language, plus the 25 most frequently used nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and more.

Common Spanish beginner mistakes: A handful of the most common errors made by beginning learners of Spanish and how to avoid them.

Free software for learning Spanish: Freeware for download and (almost) free CDs for learning Spanish

How to type Spanish special characters: How to type Spanish accents and other special characters in Windows, Mac, and HTML formats.

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Spanish-Speaking Cultures
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Flags of Spanish-speaking countries: Browse or buy quality polyester flags from your favorite Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish music:From mariachi and bolero to salsa and flamenco to hip hop, pop, and modern rock, Spanish-speakers have a long, rich musical history. Explore the various music genres and artists, listen to audio clips, read CD reviews, and more.

Spanish language film: Movies are popular in the Spanish-speaking world and some countries have a significant film industry. Explore Spanish language films, read reviews, learn about Latin American and Spanish directors, actors, & actresses, and more.

Spanish magazines & newspapers: Much Spanish-language print media is available free online.

Latin Cooking: Cookbooks on Spanish, Mexican, and Latin American national and regional cuisines

Holidays in Spanish-Speaking countries: Learn about upcoming holidays and celebrations.

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