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Culture fact
The Andes form the longest
mountain range in the world,
extending over 4000 miles through 7
countries in western South America.

The map shows the Andes
Mountain Range along the
western coast of the continent.

Language fact
The ancient Roman name for
Spain -- Hispannia -- means
"land of the rabbits".

Budget travel in
South America:

Language fact
The U.S. dollar is the official
currency of Panama, where it
is known as the balboa. Panama
mints its own coins, but in the
same denominations
as U.S. currency.

Electronic English-
Spanish Translator:

Language tip
Spanish is an official language
of the U.S. state of New
Mexico and of the U.S.
territory Puerto Rico.

Culture fact
Leading marketing and direct
catalog companies in Mexico
report that 45% of their orders
come from Mexico City.

Univision broadcast of
"Primera Edición"

Culture fact
Spanish-language television
network Univision reaches
over 95% of U.S. Hispanic
households. While audiences
and ad revenues for the big 4
English-language TV networks
have been sliding, Spanish-
language TV audiences and
profits grow annually.
Spanish Books & Software (4)

Travel to Spanish-speaking countries

Spanish Language for Travelers & Tourists
Berlitz Spanish Phrase Book, 224 p. (2001)
Lonely Planet Spanish: Phrasebook, by Marta Lopez, 256 p. (2003)
Lonely Planet Mexican Spanish Phrasebook, by Rafael & Cecilia Carmona,, 256 p. (2003)
Berlitz Latin American Spanish Phrase Book, 224 p. (2001)
HarperCollins Language Survival Guide: Spain: The Visual Phrasebook and Dictionary, 192 p. (2003)
The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Spanish Phrases, by Gail Stein, 192 p. (2003)
In-Flight Spanish: Learn Before You Land, audio CD. (2001)
Fodor's Spanish for Travelers (CD Package, book & CD, 2nd ed.. (2005)

Travel Books: Spain
Fodor's Spain 2005, by Mary Beth Bohman, William Travis, eds., 832 p. (2004)
Let's Go 2005 Spain & Portugal, by Alexandra Moss, 848 p. (2004)
Lonely Planet Spain, by Damien Simonis, 900 p. (2005)
Spain (Eyewitness Travel Guides), 672 p. (2003)
The Rough Guide to Spain, by Simon Baskett, Jules Brown, et al., 1095 p. (2004)
Hanging Out in Spain: The Complete Guide to the Hottest Cities, Scenes & Parties, by Amanda Buttinger, Will Lloyd, et al., 753 p. (2001)
Discovering Spain: An Uncommon Guide, new, updated ed., by Penelope Casas, 608 (1996)

Travel Books: Mexico and Latin/Central America
Fodor's Mexico 2005, by Carissa Bluestone, Sarah Gold, et al., eds., 816 p. (2004)
Mexico (Eyewitness Travel Guides), by Anna Streiffert, 384 p. (2003)
Frommer's Mexico 2005, by David Baird, Lynne Bairstow, 768 p. (2004)
The Rough Guide To Mexico, by Peter Eltringham, 912 p. (2004)
Fodor's Cancun, Cozumel, Yucatan Peninsula 2005, 352 p. (2004)
Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping: Explore Mexico and Belize With Your RV or Tent, by Mike Church, Terri Church, 448 p. (2001)
The Unofficial Guide to Mexico's Best Beach Resorts,  by Maribeth Mellin, Jane Onstott, 480 p. (2005)
The Treasures And Pleasures of Mexico: Best of the Best in Travel and Shopping, by Ron Krannich, 288 p. (2004)
Footprint Central America and Mexico 2005, by Peter Hutchison, 1280 p. (2004)
Fodor's Caribbean 2005, 992 p. (2004)
Rough Guide to Central America 3, by Peter Eltringham, Joe Fullman, eds., 896 p. (2004)
The Travelers' Guide to Latin American Customs and Manners, by Elizabeth Devine, Nancy L. Braganti, 320 p. (2000)
Rough Guide to First-Time Latin America 1, by Rough Guides, 384 p. (2003)
Latin America by Bike: A Complete Touring Guide, by Walter Sienko, 256 p. (1993)
The Rough Guide to The Dominican Republic, by Sean Harvey, 400 p. (2002)
On Your Own in El Salvador, 2nd ed., by Hank Weiss, Bea Weiss, 290 p. (2001)
Rough Guide to Guatemala 2, by Mark Whatmore, Iain Stewart, 552 p. (2002)

Travel Books: South America
Footprint South American Handbook 2005, by Ben Box, 1552 p. (2004)
The Rough Guide to South America, by Harry Ades, Danny Aeberhard, et al., 1136 p. (2004)
Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring, by Danny Palmerlee, Fiona Adams, et al., 1136 p. (2004)
Frommer's South America, by Shawn Blore, Shane Christensen, 800 p. (2004)
Insight Guide South America, by Natalie Minnis, 427 p. (2002)
Frommer's Argentina and Chile, Second Edition, by Shane Christensen, Kristina Schreck, 480 p. (2003)
Chile & Argentina: The Bradt Trekking Guide, 5th ed., by Tim Burford, 368 p. (2001)
Footprint Argentina, by Christabelle Dilks, 608 p. (2004)
Fodor's Argentina, 3rd ed., 336 p. (2004)
Backpackers' Latin America, Vol 1: Patagonia, by Christabelle Dilks, Jani Janek, 400 p. (2005)
Footprint Chile, by Toby Green, Janak Jani, 592 p. (2004)
Footprint Colombia Handbook: The Travel Guide, by Peter Pollard, 400 p. (2001)
Frommer's Costa Rica 2005, by Eliot Greenspan, 384 p. (2004)
Fodor's Costa Rica 2005, 432 p. (2004)
The Surfer's Guide to Costa Rica, by Mike Parise, 100 p. (1999)
Bicycling Cuba: Fifty Days of Detailed Rides from Havana to Pinar Del Rio and the Oriente, by Wally Smith, Barbara Smith, 328 p. (2002)
Ecuador: Climbing & Hiking, 5th ed., by Rob Rachowiecki, Mark Thurber, 288 p. (2004)
Rough Guide to Ecuador, 2nd ed., by Harry Ades, Melissa Graham, 592 p. (2004)
Insight Guide Ecuador, by Pam Barrett (1998)
Insight Guides Peru, by Pam Barrett, 128 p. (2003)
Footprint Venezuela Handbook: The Travel Guide, by Alan Murphy, Mick Day, 405 p. (2000)
Insight Guides Venezuela, by Angela Baynham, 378 p. (2003)

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Workplace & Business Spanish

Spanish for the Health Care Profession & Social Services
Essential Spanish for Social Services, by Nancy Geshke, 367 p. (1998)
Medical Spanish: An Instant Translator, by Isam, MD Nasr, Marco, MD Cordero, 386 p. (1998)
Delmar's English and Spanish Pocket Dictionary for Health Professionals, by Rochelle K. Kelz, 520 p. (1996)
Building A Medical Vocabulary With Spanish Translations, book & CD, by Peggy C. Leonard, 608 p. (2001)
Spanish-English English-Spanish Medical Dictionary / Diccionario Medico Espanol-Ingles Ingles-Espanol, by Onyria Herrera, Ph.D. McElroy, Lola L. Grabb, 795 p. (2005)
Medical Spanish: The Instant Survival Guide, by Cynthia J. Wilber, Susan Lister, 368 p. (1995)
English & Spanish Medical Words & Phases, 3rd ed., 256 p. (2003)
Spanish for Health Worktext, by Shirley Melston, Margaret M. Spadinger, et al., 312 p. (2000)
Manual for Relatively Painless Medical Spanish: A Self-Teaching Course, by Ana Malinow Rajkovic, 264 p. (1992)

Spanish in Hospitality and Food Service
Spanish for Hospitality and Foodservice, by Jennifer M. Thomas, 288 p. (2003)
Conversational Spanish for Hospitality Managers and Supervisors: Basic Language Skills for Daily Operations, by Matt A. Casado, 304 p. (1995)
Kitchen Spanish - a Quick Phrase Guide of Kitchen and Culinary Terms, by Michael A. Friend, 96 p. (1996)
Stainless Steel Translations: English to Spanish for Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens, by Jason Holben, 220 p. (1997)

Working in Spanish-Speaking Countries
Best Careers For Bilingual Latinos, by G. Kenig, 256 p. (1998)
Living & Working in Spain 2005: A Survival Handbook, by David Hampshire, 532 p. (2005)
Living Abroad in Spain, by Nikki Weinstein, 272 p. (2004)
Live & Work in Spain & Portugal, 3rd ed., by Victoria Pybus, Joshua White, 352 p. (2002)
Live Better South of the Border in Mexico: Practical Advice for Living and Working, by Mexico Mike Nelson,, 162 p. (2000)
In the Know in Mexico & Central America: The Indispensable Guide to Working and Living in Mexico & Central America, by Jennifer Phillips, 272 p. (2003)
Adapter Kit: Mexico: A Traveler's Tools for Living Like a Local, 249 p. (2002)
Handbook for Teaching English in Mexico and Central America, by Janice Nelson, 248 p. (2000)

Business Culture
Doing Business in the New Latin America: A Guide to Cultures, Practices, and Opportunities, by Thomas H. Becker, 280 p. (2004)
Winning Strategies for the New Latin Markets, by Fernando Robles, Francoise Simon, Jerry Haar , 400 p. (2002)
Mexicans & Americans: Cracking the Cultural Code, by Ned Crouch, 304 p. (2004)
Inside Mexico: Living, Traveling, and Doing Business in a Changing Society, by Paula Heusinkveld, 144 p. (1994)
Management in Two Cultures: Bridging the Gap Between United States and Mexican Managers, by Eva S. Kras, 126 p. (1995)
Latinos, Inc.: The Marketing and Making of a People, by Arlene M. Davila, 308 p. (2001)
How to Win the Hispanic Gold Rush: Critical Cultural, Demographic, Marketing, and Motivational Factors, by Francisco J. Valle, Judy M. Mandel, 108 p. (2003)
Beyond Bodegas: Developing a Retail Relationship with Hispanic Customers, by Jim Perkins, 168 p. (2004)
The Rise of the Hispanic Market in the United States: Challenges, Dilemmas, and Opportunties for Corporate Management, by Lousi E. V. Nevaer, 288 p. (2004)

Language of Business
Spanish for Business, by Patricia Rush, Patricia Houston, 380 p. (2002)
Manual of Business Spanish: A Comprehensive Language Guide, by Michael Gorman, Maria-Luisa Henson, 448 p. (1996)
Spanish Business Correspondence, by Michael Gorman, Maria-Luisa Henson, 184 p. (1997)
Spanish Business Situations: A Spoken Language Guide, by Michael Gorman, Maria-Luisa Henson, 128 p. (1995)
Mastering Spanish Business Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach, by Elena Meliveo, Edgar Knerr, et al., 384 p. (1997)

Dictionaries of Business
The Oxford Business Spanish Dictionary: Spanish, English/English, Spanish, by Sinda Lopez, Donald Watt, eds., 627 p. (2002)
Mastering Spanish Business Vocabulary: A Thematic Approach, by Elena Meliveo, Edgar Knerr, et al., 384 p. (1997)
Wiley's English-Spanish, Spanish-English Business Dictionary, by Steven M. Kaplan, 592 p. (1996)
Spanish Business Dictionary: Multicultural Business Spanish, by Morry Sofer, 330 p. (2001)

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