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Culture fact
The most recent Spanish-
language winner of the
Nobel Prize for Literature
was Octavio Paz in 1990.
The native Mexican took the
prize for his "impassioned
writing with wide horizons,
characterized by sensuous
intelligence and humanistic

Like Water for

Culture fact
Born in Peru, raised in Chile,
Bolivia, Europe and the Middle
East, and having lived in exile in
Venezuela for 13 years, author
Isabel Allende has lived and
worked in the United States
since 1987.

Culture fact
The Golden Age of literature
in Spain produced one of
the greatest masterpieces of
world literature: Don Quijote
de la Mancha

Pablo Picasso's sketch of Don Quixote (1955) is one of the most famous representations of the man from La Mancha.

Language tip
Experts claim that the best way
to give a child a strong bilingual
foundation is for at least one
parent to speak only in Spanish
to the child from birth.

Spanish-speaking doll:

Baby Alive

Baby Alive speaks Spanish
and English. Press tummy
to change languages.

Language fact
Spanish was the first European
language spoken in the U.S.,
when explorers arrived in the late
15th century. The names of most
of the Southern and Western
states are still in Spanish.

Spanish and
Bilingual Spanish-English
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Spanish Books & Software (6)

Spanish language literature

Dual-Language Books
First Spanish Reader: A Beginners Dual-Language Book, by Angel Flores, 176 p. (1989)
Nueve siglos de literatura española, by Seymour Resnick, Jeanne Pasmantier, 480 p. (1994)
Short Stories in Spanish, by John R. King, ed., 233 p. (2001)
Life Is a Dream/La Vida es Sueno: A Dual-Language Book, by Pedro Calderon de la Barca, 203 p. (2002)
Fuenteovejuna : A Dual-Language Book, by Stanley Appelbaum, ed., 171 p. (2002)
Spanish-American Short Stories / Cuentos hispanoamericanos: A Dual-Language Book, by Stanley Appelbaum, ed. 256 p. (2005)
Stories and Poems/Cuentos y Poesias: A Dual-Language Book, by Ruben Dario, 265 p. (2002)
500 Years of Latin American Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology, by Cecilia Vicuna (Editor), Ernesto Livon Grosman, eds., 320 p. (2005)
Spanish Poetry: A Dual-Language Anthology 16th-20th Centuries, by Angel Flores, 448 p. (1998)
100 Love Sonnets/Cien Sonetos De Amor, by Pablo Neruda, Stephen Tapscott, trans., 222 p. (1996)
Odes to Common Things, Bilingual Edition, by Pablo Neruda, Ken Krabbenhoft, trans., 152 p. (1994)
Stories from Mexico: Historias de Mexico, by Genevieve Barlow, William N. Stivers, 152 p. (1995)
Stories from Latin America: Historias de Latinoamerica, by Genevieve Barlow, 192 p. (1995)
Stories from Spain, by Genevieve Barlow, William N. Stivers, 176 p. (1999)
Selections from Don Quixote: Selecciones de Don Quijote de la Mancha: A Dual-Language Book, by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra, 257 p. (1999)
Lazarillo de Tormes: Original Spanish Text with English Translation, by anonymous, 176 p. (2000)

Anthologies of Literary
The Cambridge Introduction to Spanish Poetry: Spain & Spanish America, by D. Gareth Walters, 236 p. (2002)
Five Centuries of Spanish Literature: From the Cid Through the Golden Age, by Linton Lomas Barrett, 368 p. (2003)
Exploraciones en literatura: Reading for Comprehension, Communication, and Literary Appreciation, by Kenneth Chastain, 344 p. (2001)
Classic Spanish Stories and Plays: The Great Works of Spanish Literature for Intermediate Students, by Marcel C. Andrade, 400 p. (2001)
Panoramas Literarios: Hispanoamerica, by Teresa Mendez-Faith, 547 p. (1995)
Antología de la literatura española: Edad Media, by Bárbara Mujica, 260 p. (1991)
Antología de la literatura española: siglos XVIII y XIX, by Barbara Mujica, Eva Florensa, eds., 522 p. (1999)
Modern Spanish Prose: Literary Selections from Spain and Latin America, 6th ed., by Gustave W. Andrian, 228 p. (1999)
Spanish Composition Through Literature, 4th ed., by Cándido Ayllón, Paul C. Smith, Antonio Morillo, 366 p. (2001)

Literary Works
La casa de los espíritus, by Isabel Allende, 161 p. (1995)
De amor y de sombra, by Isabel Allende, 272 p. (1995)
Zorro: Una Novela, by Isabel Allende, 384 p. (2005)
Mi país inventado: Un paseo nostalgico por Chile, by Isabel Allende, 224 p. (2004)
Afrodita: Cuentos, Recetas y Otros Afrodisiacos, by Isabel Allende, 328 p. (1998)
El Aleph, by Jorge Luis Borges, 201 p. (1971)
Don Quijote de la Mancha, by Miguel De Cervantes, 720 p. (2000)
Rayuela, by Julio Cortazar, 174 p. (1992)
Como agua para chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, 256 p. (2001)
La muerte de Artemio Cruz, by Carlos Fuentes, 265 p. (1996)
Bodas de sangre, by Federico García Lorca, 144 p. (1994)
Romancero gitano, by Federico García Lorca, 96 p. (1996)
Cien años de soledad, by Gabriel García Márquez, 495 p. (2003)
Doce cuentos peregrinos, by Gabriel García Márquez, 221 p. (2003)
Memoria de mis putas tristes, by Gabriel García Márquez, 112 p. (2004)
El amor en los tiempos del cólera, by Gabriel García Márquez, 464 p. (1996)
El coronel no tiene quien le escriba, by Gabriel García Márquez, 100 p. (1999)
Noticia de un secuestro, by Gabriel García Márquez, 325 p. (1996)
Los funerales de la mama grande, by Gabriel García Márquez, 166 p. (2003)
Neruda: Sus mejores poemas, by Pablo Neruda, 154 p. (2004)
El laberinto de la soledad, by Octavio Paz, 368 p. (1997)
El beso de la mujer araña, by Manuel Puig, 288 p. (1994)
El llano en llamas, by Juan Rulfo. (2000)
Fuenteovejuna, by Lope de Vega, 172, p. (2000)

About Spanish Language Literature
The Cambridge History of Latin American Literature: Volume 1, Discovery to Modernism, by Roberto Gonzalez Echevarría, Enrique Pupo-Walker, eds., 690 p. (1996)
Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean Literature 1900-2003, by Daniel Balderston, Mike Gonzalez, eds., 560 p. (2004)
An Introduction to Spanish-American Literature, by Jean Franco, 402 p. (1995)
The Cambridge Companion to the Spanish Novel: From 1600 to the Present, by Harriet Turner, Adelaida López de Martínez, eds., 344 p. (2003)
The Cambridge Companion to Cervantes, by Anthony J. Cascardi, ed., 264 p. (2002)

About Hispanic Literature
Pablo Neruda and the U.S. Culture Industry, by Teresa Longo, ed., 238 p. (2001)
Ambassadors of Culture: The Transamerican Origins of Latino Writing, by Kirsten Silva Gruesz, 296 p. (2001)
Latino Literature in America, by Bridget Kevane, 160 p. (2003)
Killer Cronicas: Bilingual Memories (Writing in Latinidad: Autobiographical Voices of U.S. Latinos/as), by Susana Chavez-Silverman, 152 p. (2004)
Dance Between Two Cultures: Latino Caribbean Literature Written in the United States, by William Luis, 352 p. (1997)

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Spanish books & software for children

Learning Spanish
Diccionario inglés/español: The Oxford Picture Dictionary, ages 4 to 8, by Norma Shapiro, 228 p. (1998)
My First Spanish Picture Dictionary, ages 4 to 8, by Irene Yates, et al., 48 p. (2001)
My First Spanish Word Book / Mi primer libro ee palabras en español,ages 4 to 8, by Angela Wilkes, 64 p. (1993)
Beginner's Spanish Dictionary, ages 9 to 12, by Helen Davies, et al, 128 p. (1989)
Let's Sing and Learn in Spanish ages 9 to 12, by Neraida Smith, 32 p. (2003)
Just Look 'N Learn Spanish Picture Dictionary, ages 9 to 12, by Daniel J. Hochstatter, 96 p. (1996)
Learn Spanish in the Kitchen: A Parent/Child Activity Kit, by Gretchen Patterson, Nancy Noguera, 48 p. (1998)

Oso polar, oso polar, que es ese ruido?, preschool, by Bill Martin, 28 p. (2002)
Mayan Safari: A Beginning Spanish Reader, ages 4 to 8, by Aubrey Smith-Carter, 158 p. (1992)
Blue va a la escuela (Blue Goes to School) (Blue's Clues), ages 4 to 8, by Angela C. Santomero, 24 p. (2003)
La oruga muy hambrienta, by Eric Carle, 24 p. (2002)
Buenas noches, Luna, by Margaret Wise Brown, 34 p. (2002)
Cuentos de la selva, by Horacio Quiroga, 144 p. (1987)
Amigos en cuerpo y alma, by Vera De Backker, 32 p. (1993)
The Emerald Lizard: Fifteen Latin American Tales to Tell in English and Spanish, by Pleasant Despain, Mario Lamo-Jimenez, trans., ages 9 to 12, 183 p. (1999)

Spanish-Speaking Culture
Spain: The Culture, ages 9 to 12, by Noa Lior, Tara Steele, 32 p. (1997)
Spain, ages 9 to 12, by Lura Rogers, 144 p. (2001)
The Spanish-Speaking Cultures Coloring Book, ages 9 to 12, by Anne-Francoise Pattis, 48 p. (1997)
Mexico, ages 9 to 12, by Mary Jo Reilly, Leslie Jermyn, 144 p. (2002)
Mexico: 40 Activities to Experience Mexico Past & Present, ages 9 to 12, by Susan Milord, 96 p. (1999)
Mexico and Central America: A Fiesta of Cultures, Crafts, and Activities for Ages 8-12, by Mary C. Turck, 160 p. (2004)
Pop Culture Latin America!: Media, Arts, and Lifestyle, young adult, by Stephanie Dennison, Lisa Shaw, 404 p. (2005)
Navidad latinoamericana / Latin American Christmas, ages 9 to 12, by Charito Calvachi Wakefield, Marco Vinicio Rueda, 84 p. (1999)
Argentina (Cultures of the World), young adult, by Ethel Gofen, 144 p. (2002)
Chile (Cultures of the World), young adult, by Jane Kohen Winter, Susan Roraff, 44 p. (2002)
Colombia (Cultures of the World), young adult, by Jill Dubois, Leslie Jermyn, 144 p. (2002)
Guatemala (Cultures of the World), ages 9 to 12, by Sean Sheehan, 128 p. (1998)
Peru, ages 9-12, by Sarah De Capua, 48 p. (2005)
Venezuela (Cultures of the World), young adult, 2nd ed., by Jane Kohen Winter, Kitt Baguley, 144 p. (2002)

Software & Multimedia

Kids' Spanish, CD FREE, Shipping costs only.

Bilingual Baby, Spanish, VHS (1993)

Spanish for Children
book & CD (2003)

Berlitz Kids Spanish Language Pack, ages 9 to 12, 216 p. book, flash cards, cassette. (2003)

Beth Manners' Magic Spanish for Kids, ages 2 to 6, audio CD. (2000)

Beth Manners' Fun Spanish for Kids, ages 2 to 6, audio CD. (1999)

Latino Kids Songs Video: In Spanish and English, vol. 1, VHS. (2004)

Spanish 1 - Growing Up Bilingual, VHS. (2004)

Spanish 2 - Growing Up Bilingual, VHS. (2004)

Jumpstart Spanish, CD-ROM

ECTACO English <> Portuguese <> Spanish Language Teacher
, Non-talking dictionary for kids, 45,000 words.

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