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Voices of Latin Rock:
The People and Events
That Shaped the Sound

by Jim McCarthy, Ron Sansoe
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Explosion Latina de la Guitarra Rock:
Latin Rock Guitar Explosion

Songbook of 14 Latin Rock hits
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CD La Historia del Rock
en Español
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Rock n' Learn Spanish
by Richard Caudle
Book, CD & cassette edition
Book & DVD edition

Spanish language music: Rock en Español


Contemporary Spanish language rock and roll that is heavily influenced by American and British rock as well as the by the popular music of Spanish-speaking cultures. Latin rock, or Rock en Español, refers to any rock & roll band of Latino origin that performs solely in Spanish. Such Spanish-language rock bands exist throughout Latin America, Spain, and even in the United States and France.


Aterciopelados (Colombia)
CD Gozo poderoso [2001] • LISTENBUY CD • REVIEW: There's an alternately ethereal and electric power pulsing through Gozo Poderoso, the stellar fifth album from Colombian duo Aterciopelados. Maybe that's because the team of vocalist-guitarist Andrea Echeverri and bassist Hector Buitrago have rooted their sound in traditional rhythms while deftly dipping it in some of today's most exciting genres. Each track on the album flows effortlessly into the next, but there's nary a hint of repetition. It's all tied together by intricate production and a spiritual intelligence that flows through many of the song lyrics. "Luz Azul," "Esmeralda," and "El Album" (the first single) are stand-outs, anchored by Echeverri's slyly seductive vocals. Cumbia, salsa, and vallenato intermingle with alt-rock riffs, electronica flourishes, and bossa nova rhythms. It's an intoxicating mix that's impossible to classify--and resist. -- Review by Joey Guerra

CD The Best of Aterciopelados: Ultimate Collection [2004] • BUY CD | CD Serie 2000 [2000] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Evolucion [2002] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Caribe atómico [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El Dorado [1995] • LISTENBUY CD
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Bloque (Colombia)
Browse or buy Bloque CDs at amazon 

Café Tacuba (Mexico)
Live CD Un viaje [2005] • LISTENBUY CD • REVIEW: Mexican trio Café Tacuba celebrates 15 years of making--and often revolutionizing--Spanish rock with Un Viaje. This lush, luxurious live set includes three discs of music and one electrifying DVD. (Separate versions are also available, but this generous edition is the most satisfying and is moderately priced.) The group has culled the best moments from a two-night stand in Oct. 2004 at the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, and the results are consistently electric. Every song, every rhythm, every guitar lick, every laugh is important, a not-to-be-missed moment. Café Tacuba's potent mix of music and message is a powerful thing, and the group thrives in its unflinchingly earnest, sweetly sincere approach to its art. Even during backstage interviews and recording studio hijinks, each member seems wholly pleased to be a part of the process. Throughout the proceedings, Café Tacuba's ardent fans thank them with hoots, hollers and constant singalongs to almost every song, making Un Viaje a joyous trip for everyone involved. -- Review by Joey Guerra

CD Tiempo trancurrido: The Best of Café Tacuba [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | CD MTV Unplugged [2005] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Cuatro caminos [2003] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Re [1994] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Nuevo [2002] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Avalancha de exitos [1996] • LISTENBUY CD | BOX SET Lo esencial de Café Tacuba [2001] • LISTEN
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Caifanes (Mexico)
CD Historia [1997] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Matenme porque me muero [1994] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El nervio del volcan [1994] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El silencio [1992] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El diablito [1990] • LISTEN BUY CD
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Gustavo Cerati (Argentina)
CD Ahí Vamos [2006] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Bocanada [2007] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Siempre es hoy Remixes [2003] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Amor amarillo [1994] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Bocanada [1999] • LISTENBUY CD
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Complices (Spain)
CD Qué le pasa a mi negra? [2002] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Complices CDs at amazon 

Control Machete (Mexico)
CD / DVD Mucho Barato Decimo Aniversario [2007] • BUY CD | CD Artilleria pesada, presenta [1999] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Mucho barato [1997] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Unos, dos: Bandera [2003] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Solo para fanaticos [2002] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Control Machete CDs at amazon 

El Tri (Mexico)
CD A Talonear [2007] • LISTENBUY CD |CD Los numero uno 1968-2003 [2003] • LISTENBUY CD | BOX SET Lo esencial de el Tri 80's [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Fin de siglo [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Sinfonico • Vol. 1 [1999] LISTEN • • BUY CD, Vol. 2 [2001] LISTENBUY CD | CD No podemos volar [2000] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Hoyas en la bolsa [1996] • LISTENBUY CD | CD No te olvides de la banda [2002] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Cuando to no estas [1997] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy El Tri CDs at amazon 

Fobia (Mexico)
CD Rosa Venus [2006] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Wow [2004] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Lo mejor de Fobia [2001] • LISTEN BUY CD
Browse or buy Fobia CDs at amazon 

Heroes del Silencio (Spain)
3-CD SET Platinum Collection [2007] • LISTENBUY CD | Live CD El ruido y la CD Canciones 1984-1996: Best of Heroes del Silencio [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | Live CD El ruido y la furia [2005] • LISTENBUY CD | BOX SET Ediciones del milenio [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | Live CD Para siempre [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Rarezas [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Senderos de traicion [1994] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El espíritu del vino [1993] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El mar no cesa [1993] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Avalancha [1995] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Heroes del Silencio CDs at amazon 

Hombres G (Spain)
CD Los Singles: 1984-1993 [1996] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Peligrosamente juntos [2002] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Hombres G CDs at amazon 

Jaguares (Mexico)
CD Cronicas de un Laberinto [2005] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Cuando la sangre galopa [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El primer instinto [2002] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El equilibrio de los Jaguares [1996] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Bajo el azul de tu misterio [1999] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Jaguares CDs at amazon 

Jarabe de Palo (Spain)
CD Adelantando [2007] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Bonito [2003] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Grandes exitos [2003] • LISTENBUY CD | CD De vuela y vuelta [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | CD La flaca [2002] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Jarabe de Palo CDs at amazon 

La Ley (Chile)
Live CD MTV Unplugged [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Lo esencial [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Uno [2000] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Invisible [1995] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Vertigo [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Historias e histeria [2004] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Libertad [2003] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy La Ley CDs at amazon 

Latin Playboys
CD Latin Playboys [1994] • LISTEN BUY CD
Browse or buy Latin Playboys CDs at amazon 

La Unión (Spain)
CD Grandes exitos [2000] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Son [2000] • LISTEN BUY CD
Browse or buy La Unión CDs at amazon 

Luz Casal (Spain)
Browse or buy Luz Casal CDs at amazon 

Maná (Mexico)
Live CD MTV Unplugged [1999] • LISTENBUY CD • REVIEW: Maná may be at the forefront of the ever-burgeoning Rock en Español movement, but the Mexican band employs a variety of styles to perfect its pleasing pop sound. Nowhere is that more evident than on MTV Unplugged, the quartet's shimmering live collection of some of its biggest hits. Airy balladry, simmering tropical grooves, and '80s-inspired choruses all figure in the mix, making for an effortless and intimate evening of music. The live setting punches up Maná's arrangements on tracks such as "No Ha Parado de Llover," "Ana," and "Vivir Sin Aire." The confident vocal swagger and pleading delivery of lead singer Fher, particularly on "Perdido en un Barco" and "Oye Mi Amor," brings to mind icons such as Sting and U2's Bono. Fher is a rock superstar waiting to be embraced by the world. -- Review by Joey Guerra

CD Amar es combatir [2007] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Cuando los angeles lloran [1995] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Revolución de amor [2002] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Sueños liquidos [1997] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Donde jugarán los niños [1994] • LISTENBUY CD | CD En vivo [1994] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Falta amor [1992] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Todos sus exitos [2000] • LISTENBUY CD | BOX SET Lo esencial de Maná [2001] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Maná CDs at amazon 

Mocedades (Spain)
CD Recuerdos [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Antologia: Sus 30 grandes canciones [1994] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Coleccion original [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Serie platino: 20 exitos [1996] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Modedades CDs at amazon 

Molotov (Mexico)
CD Done jugarán las niñas [1997] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Dance and Dense Denso [2003] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Apolcalypsh [1999] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Molomix [1998] • LISTEN BUY CD
Browse or buy Molotov CDs at amazon 

Plastilina Mosh (Mexico)
CD Juan Manuel [2000] LISTEN BUY CD
Browse or buy Plastilina Mosh CDs at amazon 

Puya (Puerto Rico)
CD Unión [2001] • LISTENBUY CD • REVIEW: Heirs to the South American headbang spirit of Sepultura, as well as the headstrong social conscience of Rage Against the Machine, the Puerto Rican groove collective Puya combine salsa, rap, and metal like a Latin Limp Bizkit, albeit with more brains and heart. Similar to Brooklyn's harder-edged Candiria, Puya offer a taste of everything, and, while sometimes the sound is only a collection of disparate influences, tracks such as "Si Aja" successfully combine polyrhythms with thick guitars. Someone smells the commercial potential: Unión offers up radio-friendly hooks that didn't fit into the mix on the band's debut. The "original fusion" of Puya is a more organic and infectious kind of mish-mosh than the cut-and-paste songwriting of bands such as Static-X. As these brothers from Borinquen continue to synthesize their blend into a truly new style of aggression, conditions will only improve. -- Review by Ian Christe

CD Fundamental [1999] • LISTEN
Browse or buy Puya CDs at amazon 

Joaquín Sabina (Spain)
CD Yo, mi, me, contigo [1996] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Mentiras piadosas [1990] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Dímelo en la calle [2002] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Fisica y quimica [1993] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Esta boca es mia [1994] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Joaquín Sabina CDs at amazon 

Shakira (Colombia)
MTV Unplugged [2000] • LISTENBUY CD • REVIEW: The 23-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira has become an international star thanks to her rich, emotive voice and thoughtful songs. Her albums Pies Descalzos and Dónde Están Los Ladrones? are platinum in the U.S.; now, as something of a taster before the release of an English-language disc, comes this recording of an acoustic performance for MTV. Shakira's songs translate well to the format; in some ways Unplugged is her most muscular music yet. The opening "Octava Dia" gains punch from its dramatic arrangement, while the elements of traditional music in "Ciega, Sordomuda" are applied with wit and charm. Fans of Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette who haven't caught on to Shakira yet are in for a pleasant surprise when they hear this. --Rickey Wright

CD Fijación oral 2 [2006] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Fijación oral [2005] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Live & Off the Record [2004] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Grandes exitos [2002] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Laundry Service [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Dónde están los Ladrones? [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Pies Descalzos [1996] • LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Shakira CDs at amazon 

Soda Stereo (Argentina)
CD Comfort y Música Para Volar: Unplugged [1996] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Sueño stereo [1995] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Chau Soda [1997] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Dynamo [1993] • LISTENBUY CD | CD El Ultimo Concierto [1997] • A LISTENBUY CD , B LISTENBUY CD
Browse or buy Soda Stereo CDs at amazon 


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