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Spanish language music: Salsa


Sweet Salsa
Sweet Salsa
by Hoover
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Salsa is a blend of Latin musical styles, particularly Cuban and Puerto Rican styles, cooked up in the Latin melting pot of New York City in the early 1970s. Salsa exists in many variations, but it has a predominantly Caribbean rhythm. While influenced by many Latin musical forms, at its core is the Cuban son, although salsa itself has developed largely outside of Cuba. It is popular in many Latin American countries and has become symbolic of a pan-Latin consciousness.


Marc Anthony (New York, USA)
CD Libre [2001] • LISTEN BUY CD • REVIEW: There's a palpable sense of joy in Marc Anthony's voice. The salsa star and pop sensation may be slight in stature, but when he opens his mouth to sing, the sheer power and passion of his tenor grabs a hold of your heart and makes you sit up and pay attention. The king of contemporary salsa was born and raised in New York City, but as good as Anthony is in his native tongue, he is triumphant when he sings in Spanish. Like Youssou N'Dour, Celia Cruz, and other great voices, Anthony's intensity and purpose transcend language barriers: even if you don't understand his words, it's difficult not to feel what he is expressing. On his first salsa collection since 1997's potent Contra la Corriente (and his first CD since his 1999 self-titled, slightly watered-down pop smash) Marc Anthony allows the emotionality of the rhythm to take control. Backed by a topnotch band, Anthony's supple voice carries the beat along, and on tracks like the propulsive "De Que Depende" he soars. His joy and the joy of hearing a great singer are contagious. -- Review by Amy Linden

CD Marc Anthony [1999] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Valió la pena [2004] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Exitos eternos [2003] • LISTEN
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Ray Barretto (Brooklyn, USA)
CD Hot Hands [2003] • LISTEN BUY CD | CD Carnaval [1973] • LISTEN BUY CD
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Rubén Blades (Panama)
CD Buscando América [1984] • LISTEN
BUY CD • REVIEW: Ruben Blades and the innovative group Seis del Solar delivered something very special with this album. The spirit of Buscando America ("Looking for America") is defined by a restless, searching attitude and a willingness to struggle with deep issues and to confront painful parts of life with strength and resolve. This is a groundbreaking work that adapts global influences, such as the doo-wop intro to "Decisiones" and the reggae underpinnings of "Desapariciones," into a cohesive and powerful musical vision of what Latin American music can be. It engages the mind, touches the heart, and definitely provokes the dancing feet. Even if you don't understand Spanish, the vocals will grab you, and before they let you go, you just might find yourself inspired to learn the language so that you can understand Blades's profound poetry. -- Review by Jeff Grubb

CD Mundo [2002] • LISTEN
BUY CD | CD Tiempos [1999] • LISTEN BUY CD | CD Una decada [2003] • LISTENBUY CD
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Jimmy Bosch (New Jersey, USA)
CD Salsa dura [1999] • LISTEN BUY CD
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Willie Colón (Bronx, USA)
CD Desmasiado corazón [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Hecho en Puerto Rico [1993] • LISTENBUY CD
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Celia Cruz (Cuba / USA)
Live CD Celia Cruz and Friends: A Night of Salsa [2000] • LISTENBUY CD • REVIEW: Celia's "friends" at this 1999 tribute concert are Tito Puente, Johnny Pacheco and La India. The direction and production are as smooth as they get, and Cruz herself introduces each cut in her mellifluous Cuban accent: Even when she's talking, it sounds like she's singing. Her extraordinary voice is now lower and even more resonant than in her youth.Particularly stirring is her cover of the bittersweet Cuban mega-hit "La Vida Es un Carnival." Cruz's duet with La India, "La Voz de Experiencia," manages to outdo the original studio version; the salsa princess' obvious ecstasy at sharing the stage with La Reina adds some real spice. Of course, there are the old standards, including a medley of "Babalu," "Siboney" and "El Cumbachera," the raucous "Quimbara," "Usted Abuso" and an improvised version of "Guantanamera" featuring the entire cast. Celia sings her trademark "Bemba Colora" better and better over the years; here it's a veritable incantation, with her voice backed sparely by piano, light percussion and a shadowy chorus. -- Review by Rhythm Magazine

CD 100% Azucar!: The Best of Celia Cruz [1997] • LISTENBUY CD
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Gloria Estefan
Girls Night Out
Buy Art Poster by John Mottern

Oscar D'Leon (Venezuela)
CD En vivo! [2000] • LISTEN BUY CD | CD Mas que amor ... Frenesi [2001] • LISTEN BUY CD
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Gloria Estefan (Cuba / Florida, USA)
CD Greatest Hits [1992] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 [2001] • LISTEN BUY CD | CD Amor y suerte: Exitos románticos [2004] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Unwrapped [2003] • LISTEN BUY CD | CD Gloria! [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Exitos de Gloria Estefan [1990] • LISTENBUY CD | BOX SET Let It Loose / Cuts Both Ways / Into the Light [1998] LISTENBUY CD
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Fania All-Stars (New York)
CD Que pasa?: The Best of Fania All-Stars [2002] • LISTEN BUY CD
Browse or buy Fania All-Stars CDs at amazon 

Juan Luis Guerra (Dominican Republic / USA)
CD Ojalá que llueva café [2000] • LISTEN BUY CD
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Tito Nieves (Puerto Rico / USA)
CD Tito Nieves - The Best [2001] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Fabricando fantasías [2004] • LISTENBUY CD
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Tony Vega (Puerto Rico / USA)
CD Hoy quiero cantarte [1998] • LISTENBUY CD | CD Despues de todo [2001] • LISTENBUY CD
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CD Salsa Fresca: Dance Hits of the 90s [1996] LISTENBUY CD
CD Salsa Around the World [2003] LISTENBUY CD
CD Wild Wild Salsa [2001] LISTENBUY CD
CD 20 Anniversary of the NY Salsa Festival: 1975-1995 [1996] • 2 CDs • LISTENBUY CD


Salsa Crazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance
Even if you've never danced a step in your life, with this series, you can start salsa dancing today. Although the leading partner will have a steeper learning curve, this set of three DVDs will ease you into the steps. The step-by-step approach incorporates clear, concise instruction that has been tailored and refined with years of experience in teaching 1000s of students to dance salsa.
DVD Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners • Volume 1 [2004] BUY DVD
DVD Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners • Volume 2 [2004] BUY DVD
DVD Salsa Dancing Guide for Beginners • Volume 3 [2004] BUY DVD

Quick and Dirty Guide to Salsa
DVD Quick and Dirty Guide to Salsa • Part 1: Beginners [2004] BUY DVD
DVD Quick and Dirty Guide to Salsa • Part 2: Intermediate [2005] BUY DVD


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