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Top Spanish vocabulary

25 most frequently used Spanish words
listed by part of speech

Top 25 Spanish nouns Top 25 Spanish adjectives
Top 25 Spanish verbs Top 25 Spanish adverbs
Top 25 Spanish pronouns Top 19 Spanish prepositions
Top 15 Spanish conjunctions  

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Source: A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish. Core Vocabulary for Learners by Mark Davies, 286 p. (2006).

Top 25 Spanish nouns
1. vez time (as in number of times) 14. caso case, occasion
2. año year 15. país country
3. tiempo time, weather 16. lugar place, position
4. día day 17. persona person
5. cosa thing 18. hora hour, time
6. hombre man, mankind; husband 19. trabajo work, job, effort
7. parte part, portion 20. punto point, dot, period
8. vida life 21. mano hand
9. momento moment, time 22. manera manner, way
10. forma form, shape, way 23. fin end
11. casa house 24. tipo type, kind
12. mundo world 25. gente people
13. mujer woman, wife  

Top 25 Spanish verbs
1. ser to be 14. pasar to pass, spend time
2. haber to have 15. deber should, ought to; to owe
3. estar to be 16. poner to put on, get (+ adj.)
4. tener to have 17. parecer to seem, look like
5. hacer to do, make 18. quedar to stay, remain
6. poder to be able to, can 19. creer to believe, think
7. decir to tell, say 20. hablar to speak, talk
8. ir to go 21. llevar to take, carry
9. ver to see 22. dejar to let, leave
10. dar to give 23. seguir to follow
11. saber to know (a fact), find out 24. encontrar to find
12. querer to want. love 25. llamar to call, name
13. llegar to arrive  

Top 25 Spanish adjectives
1. su his, her, their, your (fam.) 14. poco little, few; a little bit (adv.)
2. lo the (+ neuter) 15. tanto so much, so many
3. todo all, every 16. nuestro our
4. más more 17. cada each, every
5. este, -a this 18. menos less, fewer
6. otro other, another 19. nuevo new
7. ese, -a that 20. aquel that (over there)
8. mucho much, many, a lot 21. bueno good
9. mi my 22. tal such (a)
10. alguno some, someone (pron.) 23. mejor best, better (adv.)
11. mismo same 24. cierto certain, sure, true
12. primero first 25. mayor larger, older, main
13. grande large, great, big  

Top 25 Spanish adverbs
1. no no 14. antes before
2. ya already, still 15. cómo how?
3. muy very, really 16. aquí here
4. también also 17. luego later, afterward
5. así like that 18. casi almost, nearly
6. yes 19. durante during, for (time)
7. bien well 20. nunca never, ever
8. entonces so, then 21. además also, as well, besides
9. tan such, as, too 22. hoy today, nowadays
10. ahora now 23. allí there, over there
11. después after 24. dentro inside
12. siempre always, forever 25. ahí there
13. sólo only, just  

Top 15 Spanish conjunctions
There are just 15 conjunctions in the top 5000 words.

1. que that, which 9. ni not even, neither, nor
2. y and 10. donde where
3. como like, as 11. pues then, well then
4. pero but, yet, except 12. sino but, except, rather
5. o or 13. aunque although, even though
6. si if, whether 14. mientras while, whereas; as long as
7. porque because 15. mas but, however
8. cuando when  

Top 25 Spanish prepositions
There are just 19 prepositions in the top 5000 words.

1. de of, from 11. desde from, since
2. a to, at 12. hacia toward
3. en in 13. contra against, opposite
4. por for, by, through 14. bajo under, underneath
5. con with 15. ante before, in the presence of
6. para for, to, in order to 16. según according to
7. sin without 17. tras after, behind
8. sobre on top of, over, about 18. mediante by means of
9. hasta until, up to, even (adv.) 19. excepto except (for)
10. entre between, among  

Top 25 Spanish pronouns
1. se -self [reflexive marker] 14. esto this
2. le [3rd pers. indir. obj. pron.] 15. te you (fam., obj.)
3. lo [3rd pers. m. dir. obj. pron.] 16. quien who
4. la [3rd pers. f. dir. obj. pron.] 17. cual which, who, whom
5. me me 18. éste, -a this one
6. él / ellos he / them 19. nosotros we
7. qué what? which? how (+ adj.)! 20. nadie nobody, anybody
8. yo I 21. usted you (fam., subj.)
9. eso that 22. quién who?, whom?
10. nos us 23. ello it
11. ella / ellas she / them 24. me (obj. prep.)
12. nada nothing, (not) at all 25. cuál which?
13. algo something, somewhat  


A Frequency Dictionary of Spanish. Core Vocabulary for Learners, by Mark Davies, 286 p. (2006)
This provides a frequency list of the most common 5000 words in the Spanish language based on a broad text corpus of 20 million Spanish words. The corpus includes a balanced sampling of written and spoken language and a balanced representation of variants used in Spain and Latin America. Each dictionary entry lists the word's rank, part of speech, its English translation, a sentence demonstrating the word's usage in context, and the number of occurrences of the word per million words of the corpus. In addition, the dictionary contains much supplemental information that students and instructors will find useful. There is an additional alphabetical list of the 5000 words, ordered lists of the most frequent Spanish nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and other parts of speech. Of interest are also the 30 additional informational boxes interspersed throughout the book. These include ordered lists of thematically linked words (e.g., colors, weather, family terms, opposites, verbs of movement) as well as differences in registers and more. This is a useful book for instructors and students alike.

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